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    Live System Pellets

    REF: 90307

    Light beige/yellow, highly attractive pellets designed for use with Live System boilies. Infused with our Live System liquid, these high leakage expander pellets are packed with soluble attractors which quickly disperse in all temperatures making them ideal for year-round use. Available in 3mm or 6mm size.


    Product Description

    These highly attractive, custom made pellets contain the same powerful liquid attractors as Live System Boilies & Paste making them the perfect loose feed for anglers fishing with Live System Boilies and other products in the Live System Boilie Range. 

    Live System Pellets Properties:

    • Low in oil, intensely attractive and ideal for year-round use
    • Powerful sweet almond taste & vanilla cream aroma
    • Rich in essential amino acids derived from high quality proteins
    • Contains fish, yeast, poultry & vegetable proteins
    • 3mm: Superb size for use in PVA Bags and sticks
    • 6mm: Ideal size for catapulting or use in spod mixes
    • Perfect for boosting with liquids like Live System Bait Booster
    • Excellent addition to particle, spod & loose feed mixes

    Breakdown Time (in cold water):

    3mm- 30 minutes

    6mm- 60 minutes

    Usage Tip:

    For adding further instant and prolonged attraction to these pellets we recommend using: Live System Bait Booster, Amino Blend 365 or Response + Cream Bait Booster.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.