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    Live System Dumbell Boilies

    REF: 90869

    Live System is a highly attractive, sweet, creamy, milk protein and bird food-based boilie which has earned a almost legendary reputation as both an instant and a long-term big fish bait since its release in 2002.

    Due to its open texture and highly digestible ingredient content, Live System releases powerful, water-soluble appetite stimulants in all water temperatures making it a truly outstanding, year-round big fish bait that just keeps on catching when other baits fail. It is available in shelf life or freezer bait.


    Product Description

    Used by top UK and European anglers since its release back in 2002, Live System Boilies contain high quality proteins, yeasts, bird foods, cream powders, CSL Powder and other easily digested ingredients. 

    Live System releases powerful, water-soluble appetite stimulants in all water temperatures making it a highly effective year-round bait that fish just love. 

    When other baits stop working in winter…. you know that Live System won’t!

    Live System Boilies Properties:

    • Low in oil, intensely attractive and ideal for year-round use 
    • Powerful sweet almond taste & vanilla cream aroma
    • Rich in essential amino acids derived from quality proteins
    • Contains milk, yeast, poultry & vegetable proteins
    • Easily digested carbohydrates promote greater intake potential
    • Seed content provides valuable vitamins and minerals
    • Bird food content ensures an open texture and 
    • Producing consistently outstanding results since 2002

    Customer Guidance:

    Shelf Life Boilies should be stored cool, dry, out of direct sunlight and should not be allowed to sweat.

    Freezer Baits should be stored frozen and should be air dried if kept out of a freezer for more than 48hrs.

    Boilie Colour Variation:  

    Our boilies do not contain synthetic dyes so different batches of the same bait may vary in colour. This is due to natural colour variations in some of the ingredients we use (such as fish meals, spices, natural extracts etc) and does not affect the quality or performance of the bait. Our baits are as naturally attractive as we can make them... and this includes some occasional, naturally derived colour variations as you find with natural, wholesome foods that fish feed on in their own environment (such as snails, mussels, bloodworm etc). 

    Bait Hardness:

    Please be aware that this boilie product may not be suitable for use in a throwing stick if used 'straight from the bag'. Due to the level of the soluble, highly attractive ingredients used in this bait it may be quite soft. To make it more suitable for throwing stick use we recommend air drying it or coating it with liquids to make it firmer.