Fishery Focus- Pool Bridge Far Q Lake, York

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Fishery Focus – Pool Bridge Farm, Q Lake!

The ‘Q Lake’ is around 8 acres in size and boasts 13 swims. There is a large central island which can only be accessed via a small bridge and this is the only area where angling is allowed. The great thing is that each angler has their own area of water in which to fish due to this unique design.
There are loads of sub surface features including gravel bars, deeper holes, plateau, lily pads and reedbeds. The average depth is around 8ft, but can reach up to 12ft in the deeper areas, and can shallow up to just a few feet on the plateau and far margins. Mark Pitcher’s favourite swim is peg 7!
The fish can be pressured at times so the quieter corner of the pool can often hold a few of the cagier specimens.
There is a superb stock of hungry double-figure carp in the ‘Q Lake’ and for this reason heavy baiting tactics would be a great line of attack. A simple spod mix comprising of hemppellet and Live System boilie has always worked well, and once bites start coming it really is important to keep the bait going in at regular intervals in order to keep the carp actively feeding within the swim.

On-site ‘Stables Café’
Ladies, gents and disabled toilets, and showers are also available.
Baits are also available on site.

Other info:
Biggest resident: 28lb.
Average fish size: Mid-double.
Rough fish stock: 300.
Local tackle shop: England Angling (01904 476476).
Takeaways: Pizza, Chinese and Indian takeaways which deliver to the lake. Details can be found at the café.
Rod limit: Three rods
Location: Crockey Hill, York, YO19 4SQ.
Contact: 01904 633340 or 07928 359420.
Website: poolbridge.co.uk
Prices: £40 membership, then £20 for 24hrs.

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