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    Intense Oily Hemp

    REF: 94500

    This plump, oily, crunchy hemp seed is cooked in the container so is packed with attraction and ready to use straight from the jar. It is ideal for using as the ‘base’ of a spod mix or as a stand-alone, year-round loose feed for many species of coarse fish. Hemp is undoubtedly one of the all-time great fish attractors.


    Product Description

    All CC Moore particles are selected for their freshness, nutrient values, consistency and, ultimately, their fishing-related performance before being accepted into our world-renowned fishing bait range.

    This plump, oily, crunchy hemp seed is carefully prepared to give you a top quality, ready to use product that gives high levels of attraction and outstanding flexibility.

    Intense Oily Hemp properties:

    • Plump, oily hemp seed with a high split rate
    • Highly attractive; ready to use straight from the jar
    • Cooked in the container; no attractors lost during cooking
    • Rich in highly attractive, nutrient-rich omega oils
    • Excellent in spod mixes or as a stand-alone loose feed
    • Superb for targeting carp, roach, tench and barbel
    • Easily personalised by adding a liquid food before use
    • Supplied in reusable, recyclable 2.5 litre jar with screw lid

    Customer guidance:

    This product should be stored cool and out of direct sunlight. Once opened we suggest using this product within 3-4 days or decanting it and then freezing it in bags.

    Intense Oily Hemp is ideal for forming the base of a spod mix and can be used at a ratio of 50;50 with one of our Instant Spod Mixes. It can also be boosted with 20ml/kg of our rich, salty, Feedstim XP