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Author: CC Moore
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Krill Micromass is incredibly attractive in the water to all fish. It boasts a high source of protein, amino acids and oil, which carp require as part of their diet. This goodness leaks its rich Omega 3 oils into the water column and also releases Astaxanthin, which is a powerful anti-oxidant that gives the krill its distinctive pink appearance. This subtle, pink colour, complete with the characteristics of the Krill, make it irresistible.

The Micromass and in particular, the krill, is a shrimp like crustacean that lives in huge numbers in the oceans of the world. It is particularly flavoursome, tasting very fishy and of course salty, another appealing factor!

Micromass contains enzyme-treated soluble Krill Protein and releases powerful triggers in the water attracting any passing carp. It also constantly leaks flavours through the column.

To touch, it can only be described as a moist, tacky kind of texture, a little like playdough…but with upmost appeal.

It is a unique product, there is nothing like it in the bait market and one that carp find irresistible. Here’s a little ‘how to’ make the most of this wonderfully appealing ‘mass’.


Stalking and margin fishing is an ideal situation to use this stuff. It is immediately active straight out the bag. You can simply loosefeed it by hand, scattering onto marginal ledges and spots in between the weed, or if you require a little more distance, squeeze it together in your hands to add weight. Due to its small particles, Micromass is also ideal for harvesting weedy spots. Introduce it to weed as a prebait and you’ll notice that you begin to create your own spot as the fish feed and clear it. You can add anything you wish to bulk out your mix; hemp, partiblend, crushed tigers…in fact the more the merrier.

The Krill Mix

To give the mass even more appeal…and to enhance its natural Krill appeal, try adding some Fresh Whole Krill. Not only does it supply digestible protein, amino acids, fatty acids, chitin, vitamins and minerals but it will also give the mass the added benefit of containing a whole natural food item that presents fish with a visually attractive, complete food source that helps promote confident feeding on baits to which it is applied. This is a deadly combination.

To enhance the mix further, add some pellets and Krill Compound. Allow all the juices of the Compound to soak into the mix before adding a splash of boiling water. The hot water will instantly activate the mix, softening it but the Micromass will explode with attraction and leak this oily Krill ooze. Squidge the mix in your hands and watch a Krill-like goo run through your fingers. You can now spod it out or ball it into your swim. Throw it into the edge and you’ll see just how much of a cloud it will create, no carp in its right mind could resist it!

Bag It

Krill Micromass is PVA friendly. It can therefore be bagged up! Try using it in conjunction with a fine stick mix such as Pacific Tuna for the ultimate fishy appeal. Pour some stick mix into a bait tub, add a handful of Micromass then follow with a dosing of Liquid Krill Extract to create the perfect concoction. A tuna glugged dumbbell or a whittled down Pacific Tuna boilie is the ideal hook bait to fish over such a mix. You want something nice and subtle, but fishy!

Pult It Out!

There’s no reason why you can’t use a good old catapult and ping balls of Krill goodness over you hook baits. It’s a tacky, sticky, moist bait, so simply mould it into little golfball shapes, stick it in the catty and ping it over your spots. In warm water, this will break down and leak attraction all around your spot. It also contains oil, so is a good indicator as to whether fish are feeding in your swim because it will slick up on the surface…most notable in windy conditions of course! We have also heard of creating balls using a groundbait ball maker, Nash do them we believe so could make the perfect couple!

Give ‘Em A Pasting

Try warming the Micromass with hot water from a kettle, we advise lake water. Pour it over the Krill and then leave to sit for 10 minutes or so. Pour the water out and the Micromass will have gone to a paste. It will be very sticky and tacky allowing you to mould it around your hook bait and or lead.

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