Tempting Scar from Elsons Lake- Alex Grice

Author: CC Moore
Categories: Catch Reports

I arrived at the lake on a drizzly, over cast Monday morning. I knew the lake had received some pressure over the weekend so I spent a good while looking for fish, as I knew they may be grouped up under a few certain snags. I noticed a few swirls and some strange activity very close to a swim half way up one bank where the water shallows and huge amounts of weed collect. On closer inspection, I saw about fifteen individual milling around no more than 5ft from the bank, burying their heads in the weed.

It became apparent they were feeding heavily on fish eggs that were present in the weed, most likely from the Perch or Roach in the lake. Among the fifteen fish were a couple of the lakes gems, including the Scar Common and another old fish called Spike. With this in mind, I decided to set-up a few swims down, having watched them move along the bank and return later. I thought by not setting up on them, they move out as the day progressed, looking for food out in open water. I spread a good 2kg’s of mixed 15mm and 18mm Pacific Tuna baits covered in Liquid Tuna and GLM powder.

These were spread nicely over an area of fresh silkweed of which I knew the carp would possibly visit for a helping of naturals later in the day. Two Tuna corkballs mounted on hinges went out to the area, with a nice soft drop as they settled perfectly over the silkweed. I began to receive liners around 1am, but it wasn’t until just before light that I received the take. I’ve never experienced a fish so powerful, managing to weed me up three times before having to wade out to land it. Fortunately, my best mate was on hand to help with netting duties and after a prolonged fight, it finally went in. I knew which fish it was straight away, the Scar common! We retained it for a short while before it was light enough to get some great shots of the big Elsons girl. On the scales it went 39lb 4oz!

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