Create Awesome Live System Groundbait Balls!

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How to make Live System method balls for big carp!

Carp love pellets, a lot of them are reared on some type of pellet whilst being at fish farms so they recognise it as a natural food source. The only problem with using smaller pellets is they don’t weigh a lot. So, if you want to use them in deeper water, there is a good chance the undertow will make them drift away from your spot as they’re falling through the water. But with this little edge you can be sure all of your bait gets to the bottom, sitting perfectly over your chosen area. 

What you’ll need:

Live System Pellets 3/6mm these are low in oil and fantastic for year-round use

Live System boilies (Size is irrelevant as they are going to be crushed)

Amino blend 365/Roasted Nut Compound 

Live System Bag Mix

A kettle 

Creating the mix

Step 1: First things first you need to add how much Live System pellet you think you’ll need for your session into a bucket. 

Step 2: Crush up some Live System boilies either between your fingers or using a crusher device, you don’t need loads of these just a couple of handfuls for some different textures within the mix. Add these also to your bucket with the pellet. 

Step 3: Boil your kettle and give all the baits a light coating in the boiling water, stir this every couple of minutes to ensure all the bait is taking on water. After 5 minutes you will notice it will become tacky to the touch and pliable. 

Step 4: Add a generous amount of Amino Blend 365/Roasted Nut Compound and mix round thoroughly.


Step 5: If you find you bait is to wet and not binding together properly, add some Live System bag mix gradually whilst mixing and that will absorb any excess moisture. 

Your mix should now be complete ensuring that all of your bait gets to the lakebed without drifting away. Creating a mix like this opens up a multitude of different options of use. Whether it be spombing it out, balling it up and throwing it in by hand, baiting up snags, or even using on a method feeder, the options are endless. 

Being so visual due to the sandy yellow live system colour, once the bait has reached the bottom it will slowly start to break down leaving you small mouth sized parcels that you can quite easily see if you’re fishing in the edge in clear water, so if a fish comes in and feeds you will be able to notice if there is any bait missing off the spot. 

These bait balls are oozing with attraction, not only does the liquid food start leaking out of the bait, but the boiled kettle water helps activate the ingredients that bit quicker for instant leakage. this gives you a great opportunity to use solid PVA bags, once a solid gets down onto the spot and breaks down it replicates your balls of scalded pellet perfectly, meaning when the carp move in, there is nothing intrusive present in the swim, which will then hopefully make them feed a lot more confidently leading to a quicker bite. 

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