CC Moore’s Top 10 Summer Fishing Bait Picks!

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CC Moore’s Top 10 Summer Fishing Bait Picks!

Floater Packs- Oily Salmon

This great value bait bundle contains products that present fish with a highly attractive oily salmon-based surface bait presentation which will help you catch fish off the top through much more of the year than you may think possible.

Lightly coat the Floater Pellets with our pungent natural salmon oil and then fish your hookbait amongst them to create a highly effective ‘surface presentation’ of oily salmon-derived fish attractants that stimulate confident, competitive surface feeding.

The perfect floater bundle option for short sessions or for leaving in the motor until the perfect opportunity arises!

Frozen Water Snails

Frozen Water Snails are hand-harvested sea snails that are 100% natural, salty, crunchy and ready to use. Extremely popular and highly rated in PVA bag, loose feed and boilie mixes, they are around 3-5mm in size and add a completely new, natural dimension to your bait presentation that you KNOW will make it stand out from the angler next to you. Frozen Water Snails are a huge natural edge!

Odyssey XXX Session Pack

This great value pack contains all the products required to present fish with an irresistible Odyssey XXX bait package which can be used in many different angling situations.

Contains: 2kg Odyssey XXX Pellets 6mm, 100ml Odyssey XXX Bait Booster, 10 x Odyssey XXX Air Ball Pop Ups (15mm or 18mm) & 1kg Odyssey XXX Shelf Life (15mm or 18mm).

Odyssey XXX is a fantastic summer bait, working effectively with highly active ingredients including natural yeasts and sugars, perfect for the warmer weather!

Sweet Jumbo Tigers

All CC Moore particles are selected for their freshness, nutrient values, consistency and, ultimately, their fishing-related performance before being accepted into our world-renowned fishing bait range.

This sweet, crunchy legendary nut bait is carefully prepared to give you a top quality, ready to use product that gives consistently high levels of attraction and outstanding flexibility.

Marine Amino 365

Marine Amino 365 is a highly soluble combination of powerful liquid appetite stimulants which enhances the attraction properties of any bait item – in all water temperatures.

Made largely from a combination of highly attractive concentrated soluble and hydrolysed proteins, Marine Amino 365 supplies an abundance of essential amino acids which have been combined with proven fish-catching feeding triggers to produce a deadly liquid bait additive with truly exceptional ‘pulling power’.

Bloodworm Wafters

Bloodworm red, durable 10x14mm wafting dumbell hookbaits glugged in our highly attractive Liquid Bloodworm Compound. Supplied in pots of 50, these versatile hookbaits are superb when used with PVA bags and sticks containing Bloodworm Pellets or Bag Mix.

Pacific Tuna Shelf Life Paste

This soft, pliable, highly attractive boilie paste is made using the same recipe as Pacific Tuna Shelf Life Boilies but contains less egg to make it extremely soluble and active in even the coldest conditions. This ready to use paste can be wrapped around your lead or hookbait or introduced into your swim as individual, high-attract freebies.

Pure Salmon Oil

This top quality, winterised Salmon Oil is rich in energy and omega oils making it highly attractive to Carp and coarse fish. It is a superb boilie, hookbait or loose feed additive and is great for zig rigs and for coating surface baits to add a lasting, appetite-stimulating profile that makes them far more attractive. Salmon Oil is PVA friendly and is extremely effective between during the spring, summer and autumn months.

Squid Pellets

Dark brown, sinking Squid Pellets with a deep, peppery squid aroma and salty, fishy taste. These highly attractive expander pellets are packed with soluble attractors which quickly disperse in all temperatures making them ideal for year-round use. Available in 2mm or 6mm size.

CCM Olive Green Cap

Olive green, CC Moore branded baseball cap, one size fits all, fully adjustable.

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