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    Squid Pellets

    REF: 90831

    Dark brown, sinking Squid Pellets with a deep, peppery squid aroma and salty, fishy taste. These highly attractive expander pellets are packed with soluble attractors which quickly disperse in all temperatures making them ideal for year-round use. Available in 2mm or 6mm size.


    Product Description

    Squid is a ‘cephalopod’ that is present in many of our seas and oceans and is widely used in both human food and animal feed, providing a valuable source of protein, amino acids and zinc, magnesium, selenium and vitamins. 

    It has been very popular as a bait ingredient or flavour profile used by carp anglers for many years and, squid meat particularly, is an irresistible, naturally occurring food source for fish, which is excellent for tempting large pressured carp and other species.   

    Squid Pellets Properties:

    • High content of soluble attractors; ideal for year-round use 
    • Dark grey/black sinking expander-type pellets 
    • Medium oil content, high digestible protein content 
    • Deep, savoury, squid aroma and peppery/meaty taste
    • Rich in amino acids derived from fish, meat and vegetable protein
    • 2mm: Superb size for use in PVA Bags and sticks
    • 6mm: Ideal size for catapulting or use in spod mixes
    • Fully retain shape when breaking down in water
    • Excellent for scalding with hot water to make paste

    Breakdown Time (in cold water):

    • 2mm- 3 hours
    • 6mm- 6/7 hours

    Usage Tip:

    For adding further instant and prolonged attraction to these pellets we recommend using Liquid Squid Compound or Feedstim XP liquid.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.