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    Frozen Water Snails

    REF: 94365

    Frozen Water Snails are hand-harvested sea snails that are 100% natural, salty, crunchy and ready to use. Extremely popular and highly rated in PVA bag, loose feed and boilie mixes, they are around 3-5mm in size and add a completely new, natural dimension to your bait presentation that you KNOW will make it stand out from the angler next to you. Frozen Water Snails are a huge natural edge!


    Product Description

    These fantastic miniature water snails make the perfect addition to numerous types of big-carp loose feeds. These uncooked natural crustaceans drive fish wild with their taste, aroma and stimulatory properties.

    Even when used in small quantities these perfectly formed snails can transform many products from being good to almost irresistible without needing preparation or supplementation.

    Frozen Water Snails Properties:

    • 500g bags of washed, sieved 3-5mm sea snails
    • High salt, rich in calcium and other essential nutrients
    • An outstandingly attractive loose feed ingredient
    • Adds an irresistible natural crunch to carpet feeds
    • Superb in particle, spod and bag mixes
    • Also, very effective in boilie and hookbait mixes

    Usage Tip:

    Mix Frozen Water Snails with natural ground rock salt or Himalayan rock salt to make a superb natural bag mix that is highly attractive and won’t melt PVA. Use in 18-20mm diameter bags pre/post spawning.

    These snails are great in particle mixes but are best uncooked, so we suggest adding them after the boiling process.

    Also, try adding Frozen Water Snails into a bag mix which consists of Belachan Bag Mix, Mini Ultramix (pellets) and Green Lipped Mussel Extract for a supercharged attraction package with a unique crunchy texture...... fish just love it!

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored frozen prior to use.