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    Pure Salmon Oil

    REF: 92427

    This top quality, winterised Salmon Oil is rich in energy and omega oils making it highly attractive to Carp and coarse fish. It is a superb boilie, hookbait or loose feed additive and is great for zig rigs and for coating surface baits to add a lasting, appetite-stimulating profile that makes them far more attractive. Salmon Oil is PVA friendly and is extremely effective between during the spring, summer and autumn months.


    Product Description

    This pure, wintersied arctic salmon oil is a premium grade fish oil which is produced under stringent fishing and manufacturing guidelines to ensure it is of the highest quality and supplies a broad cross section of nutrients. 

    Rich in energy and health-promoting omega fish oils and having a highly attractive natural salmon taste and aroma this oil is a superb bait soak, hookbait or loose feed additive and really boosts the attraction potential of loose feed mixes. It also makes a great coating for surface baits and adds a lasting, appetite-stimulating profile that makes your baits highly attractive for numerous reasons 

    Salmon Oil Properties:

    • A high quality, pure natural fish oil that fish find highly attractive 
    • This oil is winterised and suitable for cold water use
    • Adds a deep rich salmon taste and aroma to baits
    • Highly attractive to Carp, Roach, Barbel & other species
    • Excellent on floaters too, makes a nice lasting surface oil slick
    • Extremely high in energy and PVA friendly
    • Great for loose feeds that then ‘ping’ when interrupted by feeding fish
    • Excellent for coating pellets, hookbaits, boilies – repeat as required
    • It is a pure oil so can be used at low levels – very cost effective

    Usage Tip: 

    Pure Salmon Oil is superb in spod and zig rig mixes where it travels through the water column stimulating fish to feed. Try adding it to one of our instant spod mixes at just 20ml per dry kg of spod mix before mixing in water and/or other liquids.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.