Make An Awesome Krill Bag Mix

Author: CC Moore
Categories: Tactics

This small, rich super food has been making waves on the carp front for a number of years now and its no wonder why. The extremely salty morsels are extremely effective at driving those carp into a hard feeding response, enticing them to sift through silt and lake debris to filter the the pink fleshy fragments of krill. As the fish begin to wake and become more active in the spring, small potent parcels of attraction come into their own at getting those important bites. Large beds of bait are often out of the equation, as the fish slowly begin to circulate their favourite springtime haunts in search of natural larders. The rich salty properties of the natural krill not only release high levels of fish feeding stimulation, but the carp actively seek important nutrients that will provide sufficient energy and requirements leading up to spawning. This mini feature takes a closer look at how to produce an awesome, powerful Krill bag mix, ideal when casting to showing fish, tempting bites as the fish cruise around the lake in the warm spring sunshine.

Successful bag mixes are based on creating layers of attraction, varying break down times that work effectively as the water penetrates the products and breaks them down. To achieve this result, a combination of products can be used to alter the attraction of the baiting situation. The Krill bag mix session pack has the successful properties to work well on well stocked, pressured venues, with a quick break down time and release of attractors; perfect for short sessions and quick overnighters.

The first layer involves a good handful of the Krill bag mix supplied, this blend of pellets and fine dust break down quickly and as a result, release cloudy attraction into the swim as they begin to go mushy. Step two involves a generous helping of the unique Krill liquid supplied in the pack; this liquid adds significant levels of attraction to the overall mix, providing a slow release of fishy attraction, ensuring the small bags offer long term leakage when left in position for a period of time.

A good mix of the dry products and liquid create a wonderful, glossy and enriched bag mix ready for action. The mix is best left for an hour or two to allow the pellets to fully absorb the flavours and attraction from the liquid. Initially, the mix will be sticky, but after a hour or so to settle, will be perfect for creating superb PVA bags of goodness. To finish the bags off nicely, one of the highly visual yet super potent Krill Hookbaits that are part of the pack can be used in conjunction to create a neat subtle hookbait that the carp will accept with little caution.

The overall mix offers great attraction properties early spring as the fish become more active, seeking small pockets of goodness from around the lake.

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