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How to get the most from your boilie bundle…

At CCMoore we have put together an awesome package for those anglers who want a grab ‘n’ go session bundle with the flexibility of choosing your favourite liquid flavours and pop- ups to compliment your chosen boilie. This unique bundle offers the angler the ability to create a whole variety of awesome baiting strategies to provide optimum attraction when fishing short trips or the odd weekend overnighter throughout the month. Lets take a closer look at some of the best ways you can put your bundle to good use…

Mixing it up

At the end of the day, a boilie is a boilie and no matter where you fish, the carp would have been caught on the round balls of goodness at some point. The best feature about a boiled bait is the inner core; this is where all the goodness and attraction is stored within the skin of the bait. This is certainly where it pays to be clever with how you use the round baits, as there is no doubting, you will want maximum levels of food signals being emitted while you are actually fishing.

Mixing the sizes of your freebies up is one of the biggest advantages you will have when introducing the baits, these can be split in half, crumbed up finely and even left whole. This will inevitably allow you to create a mix that pumps out food signals in the swim from the off for a number of hours. Not only will it add a great deal of long lasting attraction into the swim, but it will provoke a much harder feeding response whereby the carp simply will not be able to regulate when feeding on the mixture of bait items. Not only does this tactic add more attraction into the swim, but you will get more bait items per kilo than using whole baits, while ensuring that the fish remain feeding on your baited spot for longer.

Spread it out

A great tactic going into the spring period when the fish are beginning to move about once again and looking to re- gain energy coming out of the winter is giving them a spread of baits. This is most effective when done with whole baits with the aid of a throwing stick, where possible. The spreading bait tactic means that you are encouraging the fish to move between each mouthful of bait, often making them easier to trip up when fishing a single hookbait among a good spread of freebies.

This type of tactic is perfect for employing over areas with few features, where the fish like to graze and pass over in the spring in search of food. A single bright hookbait such as a Tuna or Live System white presented among a scattered bed of food bait free offerings can often be a winner in the early parts of the year.

Simple stick mix

One of the simple but most effective stick mix ingredients is boilie crumb and when used on its own in conjunction with a liquid, can create a superb single bite tactic for roving and casting to showing fish in the late winter/ spring period. When using small sticks alongside bright, high attract hookbaits, only a few handfuls of finely chopped boilie is all that is needed to knock up a few small PVA bags of goodness.

Creating a simple boilie crumb stick mix couldn’t be easier; simply crumb up a few handfuls of boilie, ensuring the mix is very fine with no large clumps. Add the crumb to a bait tub and add a small amount of your chosen liquid to lightly dampen the mix, give this a good stir ensuring that the liquid is evenly distributed before leaving overnight until your fishing trip. To further enhance the PVA bags when fishing, simply give them a quick dip your chosen liquid to provide an instant burst of attraction when in the swim.

Liquid rehydration

There is no doubt about it, adding liquids to your boilies can increase their instant attraction and spread of food signals dramatically. There is a number of ways liquid can be applied to your bait and this will depend if you are using freezer bait or shelf life.

For freezer baits, if you are looking to fish a short session, maybe an overnighter or a quick day somewhere, adding liquid when you have just taken the baits from the freezer is the best option. This is best done 24 hours before the trip, allowing the baits to thaw in a sealed bag while the liquids that have been added are fully absorbed. Simply remove the desired quantity of freezer baits, add them to an oversized bag and add enough of your chosen liquid to lightly glaze the baits. Give them a good shake around to ensure all the boilies are covered, before sealing the bag and leaving for 24 hours until use.

On longer trips, air- drying to preserve the freezer baits may be required; here, is it best to re- hydrate the dried baits overnight before introducing into the lake.

Shelf- life baits can be soaked in the same way by applying the liquid to the baits 24 hours or so before using them. This is effective, but unlike the freezer baits, the shelf life ones wont absorb the liquids as easy due to the fact the pores of the bait wont open in the same as when the freezer baits are defrosting. In this case, it is best to add warm water to the shelf life baits, ensuring they are covered for a few minutes before it is drained off. This will cause the baits to swell and allow the pores in the skin of the bait to open, which is the best time to apply the liquid to allow it to full soak and penetrate the baits.

Boilie hookbaits

Soaking a few handfuls of boilie freebies in a pot is a great way to create some hard hookbaits with added attraction. This can easily be achieved by adding straight shelf life boilies to a pot or a handful or two of pre- dried freezer baits. The next step is to simply cover the baits in liquid and leave for a number of weeks to firm up; this is great little trick to boost the attraction of your hookbaits while perfectly matching them to your free offerings. These hookbaits can then be combined with a bright pop- up to create a snowman style balanced presentation.

Wafter hookbaits vs pop- ups

The bundle also comes with a choice of wafter hookbaits or pop- ups, so what should you choose? Well, to put it simply, it entirely depends on the fishing situation and the type of fish you are targeting. There is no- doubting the power of the pop- up, especially when fishing over debris on the lakebed where you want to ensure that the hookpoint is proud of the lakebed.

When fishing over firm spots or for fish that have been heavily pressured on pop- ups, switching over to a wafter presentation can certainly bring success. A wafter mimics the movement of the free offerings, negating the weight of the hook and rig to provide a natural hookbait that the fish deem less dangerous.

Both hookbaits have their advantages and you should carefully consider the situation present before choosing what to use. Chopping and changing on the day can certainly bring bites too, as the fish will act differently from day to day.

The new CCMoore boilie bundle offer allows you to pick and choose what liquid and hookbaits you want to accompany your 5kg boilie pack. Each boilie pack has a choice of complimentary liquids advised by top CCMoore team anglers, alongside a choice of hookbaits including; whites, airball pop- ups and wafters. For more information on these boilie bundles, visit ccmoore.com


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