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A review of the Pacific Tuna

You only have to slightly open a bag of Pacific Tuna before the heavy, fishmeal stench hits you hard and lingers around for hours after. Upon opening the bag of baits, you will notice the signature dark/ red appearance, which, when introduced into the lake turns a lovely pastel washed out colour; perfect for tripping up pressured, wary fish.

On closer inspection, you will notice how rough textured this bait is and that is down to a few different reasons. Firstly, this bait is made from the highest quality tuna meal; when combined with other shellfish extracts and flavours, results in this incredible open- textured appearance. This fishmeal bait is like no other, in the fact that the highly porous, low- oil complexity offers the angler a bait for effective year round use.

Straight from the bag, you will notice how incredibly soft the bait is, which is a strong sign of the high level of solubility this bait boasts. In general, this means that the bait can leak attraction while breaking down in the water effectively, drawing fish in to the baited area moments after initial introduction. One of the biggest advantages of using a bait with this structure is the ‘instant attraction’ it offers; perfect for the angler looking to do short day sessions and the odd trip throughout the course of the year.

While maintaining the instant appeal, this bait works incredibly well as a ‘long term’ food source, conditioning fish to return time and time again to reap the benefits of this highly nutritious bait. This in turn makes the Pacific Tuna the perfect choice for the angler looking to establish a long-term bait over a campaign period, whereby the fish will naturally come to notice the benefits of eating this rich bait, packed with high quality proteins and amino acids.

The instant, big fish appeal of this bait means that you can take it to all waters, confident that the bait will deliver results if you apply it I the correct way. Many anglers travelling abroad for holiday trips have come to rely heavily on the Tuna’s pulling power, whereby introducing a bait that works ‘from the off’ is key to rapidly gaining success on week long holiday trips.

The uses in terms of applying the bait are endless, but due to the naturally visible colour and refined aroma, this bait has worked particularly well for stalking fish in the margins. A few broken handfuls of this stimulating bait is often enough to provoke a feeding response and it has been witnessed just how effective this bait is when stalking wary fish close in.

Equally, the Pacific Tuna comes into its own when used alongside particle mixes or spread across an area with a throwing stick. Due to the red coloration, fish moving about an area can quite easily pick out individual baits, creating a positive feeding response as they move between boilies scattered over the lakebed. In this situation, the super potent Pacific Tuna white hookbaits offer a highly visual target and will often pick out fish quickly when used among a baited area.

Due to the rounded profile of the Pacific Tuna, it can be used successfully alongside a number of liquids to improve the leakage properties throughout the water column, these include Hot Chorizo Compound, Liquid Crab Compound and Smoked Herring Compound

This incredible, squid derived product adds a real twist to the Pacific Tuna, creating a lovely fishy, squid taste and aroma that isn’t overpowering, yet delivers a strong taste stimulation in the water. Many team anglers have used the Squid Extract purely for boosting their matching Tuna hookbaits, creating a stand- out hookbait that can be used in conjunction with Tuna free offerings.

The Pacific Tuna is suitable for use on all types of waters and has proven to be a great success on venues from silty meres, shallow estate lakes and pressured gravel pits. The attractor profile of this bait creates a natural appeal to the carp that they simply recognise as a sustainable food source that provides energy and nutrients. It can be used to great effect all year round, but certainly comes into its own during the first few warm weeks of the spring, when the fish are active and looking to pack on the weight once again.

If you are looking for a fantastic bait to use on a regular basis to build a campaign, or to simply nip in and out of your local venue, the Pacific Tuna packs the power you need to catch time and time again..

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