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All Season PVA Bag Mix

REF: 90634

All Season Bag Mix is a low oil, attraction packed PVA bag mix that instantly releases soluble, feed inducing triggers to all layers of your swim, in any water temperature. Containing highly digestible pellets, powders and additives this sweet, caramel profiled mix can be mixed with boilie crumb or liquid foods such as Amino Blend 365, Feedstim XP or NS1 Bait Booster.


Product Description

All Season Bag Mix

All Season Bag Mix is an attraction packed PVA bag mix which contains a carefully selected blend of powerful fish-attracting products that pack a multitude of different feeding stimulants into every PVA bag you cast out, constantly pulling fish into your baited area.

This sweet, caramel profiled loose feed is an instant, highly digestible bag mix making it the perfect option for any angler looking to present fish with fish an irresistible mouthful of feed around your hookbait at ANY time of year - regardless of whether fishing with hi-viz hookbaits, boilies, pellets or particles.

It comprises a mixture of pellets, powders and powerful appetite stimulants that creates a fine natural particle cloud in your swim, encouraging fish to drop down and feed in your baited area.

All Season Bag Mix Properties:

  • Irresistible, subtle sweet taste and smooth caramel aroma
  • High protein content & quality; rich in essential amino acids 
  • Packed with soluble attraction and highly digestible; great for year-round use 
  • Different ingredients break down at different speeds for constant attraction.
  • Milk powders & meals form a fine milky particle cloud around your bait.
  • Contains a mixture meals and pellets including Bloodworm, Halibut, Coarse Pellets etc.
  • Great for boosting with liquids like Amino Blend 365, Hot Chorizo Compound or Feedstim XP
  • Ideal for making ‘compressed distance bags’ when mixed with boilie crumb.
  • Highly effective when fish alongside any hi-attract hookbait.
  • Light colour, easily dyed by natural colourants such as Liquid Bloodworm Compound.

Usage Tip:


All Season Bag Mix has a smooth, subtle profile and so works extremely well when fished with naturals like Bloodworm, Krill and Frozen Water Snails. This can also then be fished with one of our natural hookbait wafters.  


All CC Moore boilies are formulated to be low in oil and highly digestible, so this mix perfectly complements them all. Simply crumb some boilie and then mix it 50:50 with All Season Bag Mix to create a superb PVA bag mix for use with any hookbait from the relevant boilie range. 

Cold Water:

Just a 20mm diameter PVA bag of All Season Bag Mix may be enough in winter. Moisten the mix with Amino Blend 365, Feedstim XP or Northern Special Bait Booster and let it fully soak in before using it. This gives it maximum attraction and solubility in even the most icy-cold water. 

Customer Guidance:

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.