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    Halibut Pellet Wafters

    REF: 98790

    Highly attractive, 10x12mm & 12x14mm wafting pellet Hookbaits. The perfect balanced hookbait option for anglers using pellets as loose feed or in PVA bags. Dark brown/black in colour to match halibut, trout and ‘house’ pellet they can help you create a more refined and effective presentation than that used by many other anglers fishing over pellet. 


    Product Description

    Halibut Pellet Wafters 

    There is no doubt that, over recent years, many anglers have found that presenting a wafting hookbait in and around bottom baits improves the presentation of their rig and gets them more bites. 

    These highly attractive, wafting pellet hookbaits are the perfect balanced Hookbait option for anglers fishing pellets as loose feed or in PVA bags.

    • Halibut Pellet Wafters Properties:
    • The perfect ‘PVA bag of pellets’ Hookbait 
    • Dark brown/black colour to match trout, halibut & ‘house’ pellet. 
    • Balanced to present a ‘wafting’ rig that flies up into the mouth.
    • Tough-skinned, 10x12mm or 12x14mm wafter hookbaits
    • 10 x 12mm = 100 hookbaits, or 12 x 14mm = 60 hookbaits 
    • Easy to hair-rig and won’t fall off when casting.
    • Can be trimmed into different shapes to personalise if desired.
    • Great when enhanced with fish oils and oil-based flavours.

    Usage Tip:

    These superb wafting pellet hookbaits can be trimmed into different shapes and can also be boosted with fish oils and oil-based flavours to increase their attraction without affecting their buoyancy. 

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. 

    Glugging or soaking of these hookbaits in non-oil liquids will reduce their buoyancy.


    This product is for use as a lure only and must not be fed to fish.