The Perfect Pellet Hookbait for Carp Fishing! NEW!

Author: CC Moore
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For some time now, we have been working on a special product and one that has been requested by many anglers who love to use pellets in their fishing; whether that is with PVA bags, adding to spot mixes or using them as a stand along loosened. We are now pleased to say that we have perfected the recipe and have created what we believe to be the best pellet 'mimic' hookbait with all the benefits of a standard, durable hookbait.

What are the new pellet wafters?

To put simply, they are what they sound like; a pellet shaped and coloured wafter hookbait in two different sizes, a 10x12mm and a 12x14mm. So, what makes these hookbaits so special. Well, unlike a standard pellet that breaks down over a period of time, these pellets retains their shape, firmness and leak off the same aroma and attraction of a standard pellet. These new wafters are created using the same ingredients from the pellet production process, but with the addition of a few key ingredients which mean they stay on the hair to ensure you are always fishing! 

Why the two different sizes?

The two different sizes have been designed for use with two popular methods when using pellets; PVA bags and using over loosened (fed by catapult or spam). The smaller of the two sizes 10x12mm is excellent when used over smaller pellets like our Mini Ultramix, whether that is in a solid PVA bag or a mesh stocking style PVA bag. In this situation, it is important to ensure the hookbait matches the free offerings. The larger size, the 12x14mm wafter is more suited for use over larger pellets, such as the popular Halibut Ultramix or those who prefer to use one size, such as an 11 or 14mm.

What rigs are suited to the pellet wafters?

Because they are wafter hookbait, they are suited to a dedicated wafter rig, such as a slip-d or a d-rig. With a wafter hookbait, it is important for the hookbait to be coming off the back of the shank of the hook, this allows the hook point to sit down and catch in the carps mouth more effectively!

Are the pellet wafters coloured matched to pellets?

We have colour matched the pellet wafters naturally by ensuring they have a high content of ingredients from the pellet manufacturing process, this ensures that in clear water they perfectly match the colour of the hookbait which is important when fishing for wary fish in clear water. 

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