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    Halibut Pellets

    REF: 98731

    These high protein, halibut-type pellets are highly attractive, oily and rich in soluble fish proteins and amino acids. They are very effective as a standard loose feed and are also easily flavoured, personalised or boosted by the addition of fish oils or natural liquid foods such as Feestim XP, Liquid GLM Compound or Marine Amino 365.


    Product Description

    All pellet products in the CC Moore bait range are manufactured under closely monitored quality controls and are subject to strict regulatory guidelines that promote higher levels of product freshness, consistency, feed value and angling-related performance.

    Halibut Pellets Properties:

    • Dark grey/black sinking halibut-type pellets
    • Medium-high oil content, high digestible protein content
    • Usage period: Spring, Summer, Autumn.
    • Strong, natural fish aroma and salty/oily fish taste
    • Rich in amino acids from fish, meat, vegetable proteins
    • Contains natural yeasts, ionic salts & betaine
    • Partially retain shape when breaking down in water

    Breakdown Times (in cold water):

    • 6mm- 3.5 hours
    • 14mm- 6 hours

    Usage Tip:

    For adding further instant and prolonged attraction to these pellets we recommend using: Feedstim XP, Liquid GLM Compound or Marine Amino 365.  

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.