REF: 97725

    Ultramino is a very soluble, dark brown amino acid compound. It contains liver, meat products and nutrient-rich superfood extracts making it a very attractive natural bait additive. With a smooth, sweet yeasty profile, it increases the attraction of any bait and is superb for coating boilies & hookbaits, or as a booster for bag mixes or loose feeds. It is a very effective year-round boilie ingredient and is also PVA friendly.


    Product Description

    Ultramino is a superb, natural extract-based liquid bait additive that stimulates fish to feed in even the coldest water by supplying highly soluble nutrients and potent feeding triggers in the form of an extremely palatable, highly digestible liquid food.

    Like Minamino, this superb new amino acid compound contains a high level of nutrient-rich hydrolysed liver & meat extracts, but in Ultramino the impact of these is greatly enhanced by the addition of naturally pH-balancing superfood extracts which add valuable feed-inducing vitamins and minerals and helps improve the digestive function of fish that consume it. This stimulates a real increase in fish’s appetite and feed intake.

    It’s subtle red fruit aroma and sweet caramelised liver taste not only makes Ultramino extremely palatable but also makes it a superb bait fermentation tool for creating primed, active freezer baits. See ‘Usage Tip’ below. 

    Ultramino Properties:

    • Rich in valuable fish-attracting nutrients including free amino acids
    • Easily soaks into baits and then washes out attractors when cast in
    • Smooth, sweet yeasty taste and aroma that suits any bait profile 
    • Extremely soluble and easily dispersed in all water temperatures
    • Highly attractive to Carp, Roach, Barbel & other species
    • Excellent in boilie mixes and as a boilie/hookbait soak
    • PVA friendly – ideal for use in bag and stick mixes
    • The perfect liquid food for year-round use  
    • Superb fermentation catalyst - increases nutrient/attractor release
    • pH balanced for optimum attraction and digestibility

    Usage Tip: 

    Ultramino is superb for increasing the nutrient release and breakdown of freezer baits. Coat your freezer baits in Ultramino and gently warm them in a sealed bag or bucket for 1-2 days before using them. This is particularly effective with active, lower salt content freezer baits like Live System

    Customer Guidance: 

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight