Sweet Nut Cloud

    REF: 95043

    Sweet Nut Cloud Spod Mix is packed with an irresistible mix of powders, particles & pellets and is ready to be used in seconds. Just add water to create a creamy, nutty mix which forms a feed inducing cloud of soluble appetite stimulants and a highly attractive bait carpet and that creates prolonged, confident feeding in your baited area. 

    This mix can be boosted with our superb Amino Blend 365 or Roasted Nut Compound.


    Product Description

    Made from top quality ingredients of varying size, colour, texture, aroma and solubility, Instant Spod Mixes combine feed-inducing, cloud-forming powders with highly attractive carpet-forming particles to create the perfect readymade spod mix, which you can also then personalise.

    Delivering high levels of the key natural attractors that stimulate fish to feed, these tried and tested mixes will help maximise your chance of a bite every time you cast out your spod (or spomb).

    Sweet Nut Cloud Properties:

    • Creamy white coloured mix of fine powders and larger food items
    • Food particles range in density and in size, up to 3mm diameter
    • Contains ground/crushed seeds & nuts, milk powders and appetite stimulants
    • Soluble, semi soluble and insoluble ingredients leak sweet clouding attractors through the water whilst creating an irresistible ‘feed carpet’ in your swim
    • Sweet, creamy, crunchy and low in oil. An excellent year-round loose feed 
    • Creates an incredibly attractive milky cloud that instantly stimulates feeding
    • Needs no long-term preparation, easy to use and ready in seconds
    • Formulated by top bait technicians to create maximum pulling power
    • Can be mixed drier to deliver more bait to the lakebed, or wetter to create more cloud 
    • Excellent when fished with any bait type or even when used with odourless zig baits

    Preparation Guide:

    Soak: Place in a bucket, cover your mix in lake water and leave for 30-60 seconds.

    Enhance: Add any chosen liquid foods/attractors and stir for 10 seconds, then spod.

    Usage Tip: 

    Add a small amount of Hemp Oil or Roasted Nut Compound in summer/autumn or Amino Blend 365 or Liquid Sweetcorn in winter/spring to give your spod mix a potent boost of attraction.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.