Particle Mix

    REF: 90274

    This outstanding particle mix is excellent for forming the base of spod mixes or other loose feed mixes. It comprises 8 different seeds of varying colour, size, texture and nutrient value and must be soaked for 6+ hours then boiled for 15+ minutes before use.


    Product Description

    All CC Moore particles are selected for their freshness, nutrient values, consistency and, ultimately, their fishing-related performance before being accepted into our world-renowned fishing bait range.

    Only ever sourced from reputable and accredited particle suppliers all seeds, nuts and pulses in our range are guaranteed to be clean, mould/bacteria free and from a recently grown crop. This ensures every product delivers high levels of the key natural attractors that stimulate fish to feed…. and maximise your chance of a bite!  

    Particle Mix Properties:

    • Dry: A mix of different coloured/type seeds from 2mm to 4mm diameter
    • Cooked: Seeds swell to 3-5mm, increase colour & become more digestible 
    • Mix contains 8 seeds including Hemp, Cracked Maize, Naked Oats, Buck Wheat
    • Very cost effective, visually attractive mix. ‘Pigeon Conditioner without aniseed’
    • Supplies natural sugars, starch, protein, oils, vitamins, and trace elements
    • An excellent year-round loose feed that stimulates strong, prolonged feeding 
    • Very attractive to Carp, Bream, Roach and Tench
    • Best delivered by spod, spomb or boat
    • Variety of seeds means there’s always something in the mix that stimulates feeding

    Preparation Guide:

    1. Soak: Cover in boiling water and leave to soak for at least 6 hours
    2. Boil: Boil for 15 minutes or until all the particles are soft and squeezable
    3. Enhance: Add any enhancers when soaking, then boil in the same water 

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. 


    As this is a natural product there may be physical variations between different batches. This is normal and does not affect the performance potential of the product.