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    Frozen Whole Bloodworm

    REF: 63617

    These are 1kg blocks of pure frozen whole bloodworm, the natural food item that fish probably find more irresistible than any other. Even when used sparingly in loose feeds and bait mixes it consistently triggers a superior feeding response to other bait items. Frozen Bloodworm is superb as a PVA bag mix, spod mix or particle mix additive and can be used throughout all four seasons.


    Product Description

    Bloodworm is the bright red aquatic larva of a small midge found around rivers and lakes, the blood of which contains haemoglobin allowing it to live in poorly oxygenated water where silt has built up.

    Frozen Whole Bloodworm Properties:

    • 1kg block of pure, quality controlled frozen bloodworm
    • An irresistible, naturally occurring food source for fish
    • An unrivalled bait for tempting large, pressured carp 
    • Repeatedly promotes intense and confident feeding  
    • Rich in amino acids derived from aquatic proteins
    • Superb for mixing into particle and bag mixes
    • Outstanding in loose feeds with frozen water snails
    • Excellent in PVA bags, mixed with bloodworm bag mix

    Usage Tip:

    Bag Mixes:

    Mix Whole Bloodworm with our Water Snails and Bloodworm Bag Mix to remove moisture before presenting it in PVA bags. 

    Boilie/Paste Mixes: 

    Frozen Whole Bloodworm should be added into the boilie making process at the mixing stage but is most effective when not heated.

    Loose Feeds:

    It is also extremely effective within spod mixes and particle mixes, added after the boiling water has cooled.

    For a devastating combination, try mixing 70% Fresh Intense Hemp, 20% Frozen Whole Bloodworm, 8% grated Belachan and 2% Pure Betaine as a carpet feed. 

    Divide the 1kg block into small pieces (or thaw and then put them into an ice cube tray) and re-freeze to make cubes of bloodworm that can be used for pre-baiting. 

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored frozen prior to use.