How To Prepare Spicy Hempseed!

Author: CC Moore
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Hemp, for a long time now, has been classed as one of the true, carp fishing greats. This small seed has the ability to keep fish feeding like no other, with a milky white centre and hard crunchy shell outer, the fish simply adore grubbing around for long periods over this bait. The small profile of this incredible particle bait keeps the fish sifting on the spot for prolonged periods, often stirring them up into a feeding frenzy in an attempt to sieve through every last grain. Hemp is effective all year round, but come the later parts of the year when the fish have seen a great deal of boilies, small particle baits such as this come into their own with their ability to trip up the wariest of carp.

When it comes to preparing hemp, it could not be simpler. Due to its size and the process to make hemp split, it is clear when the particle is ready and safe to use. Like all particle baits, fresh is always best and if you have the time to prep the hemp at home, you can tailor it to your own angling. Other than being cost effective, preparing your very own hemp and freezing it for a later date means that you have to simply defrost a bag before going fishing.

This simple, how-to guide on creating supercharged spicy hemp will aim to showcase the ease of preparation and customisation of this classic little seed. Not only will it save you pennies, you will further enhance the taste receptors and appeal of this all time classic, driving the fish into a feeding frenzy as they encounter the spicy spark of this super boosted hemp

Step 1- Add the required quantity of dry, uncooked hemp into a bucket or sealable container.

Step 2- Fill the container with cold water until the hemp is fully covered.

Step 3- Seal the lid and allow the hemp to soak for 24 hours in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Step 4- Once soaked, pour the hemp in the boiler or pan.

Step 5- Bring to the boil and leave to simmer for 30 minutes or until the kernels split.

Step 6- Once cooled, pour the prepared hemp into a bucket.

Step 7- Add a healthy glug of Hot Chorizo to kick-start the heat!

Step 8- Allow the hemp to soak up the spicy goodness.

Step 9- Give the hemp a good dusting of Chilli powder.

Step 10- The powder will add a fiery kick to the juices.

Step 11- Leave for a few hours before storing in a sealed freezer bag, including those important juices.

Step 12- Use within a few days or freeze for a later date.

This simple but effective process at creating your very own, super hot and spicy hemp will certainly add another dimension to your angling. This can simply be used on its own, or in combination with particles or small boilies to create a devastating loose feed mix!

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