Live System, My Winter Go To Bait- James Armstrong

Author: CC Moore
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The moment you unseal a bag of Live System, your nostrils are filled with a pungent, creamy stench that can’t help but put a smile on your face. The first thing I did was quietly mutter to myself: “that’ll work!” After being hit with the satisfying smell, which also gives off a kind of almond like aroma, I grabbed a handful out the bag to look closer. The baits are finished in a very sandy colour, which I love for winter. That off white stands out on the bottom of the lake bed and after flicking a few into the edge I noticed just how much contrast against the old weed beds and other detritus on the bottom. This was further enhanced when I crumbed a few up.

Live System is also lovely and soft, something that is key in a good bait. I want a boilie that’s soluble in the cold water, the fish can digest with ease and one that is ultimately attractive, and this ticked all those boxes. I could quite easily squeeze each bait between my fingers, triggering even more goodness and smell from the core of the bait. It makes crumbing up baits a thing of ease (another edge I like to employ in winter).

To give you a little insight into Live System. It is unique in that it’s a combination of milk proteins and birdfoods with the inclusion of  yeasts, textured vegetable proteins, cream powders, Corn Steep Liquor Powder and other very digestible ingredients. Therefore, Live System also lends itself to being flavoured or glugged with many other liquid additives and powders, including Peanut Meal and Amino Blend 365!

I first used this bait on a tricky, windswept reservoir in the height of winter. I had been trickling it in a few days prior to my session. I was baiting up a boat jetty as I had a feeling that the carp may be huddled up under the boards seeking cover from the elements and those bitterly NE winds. Baiting up with a kilo or so each trip, I was finally fishing. After punching out three hook baits, which comprised of matching Live System corkballs, I managed to nick myself two bites, including one of the big common ounces under 30…not bad for my first taste of Live System!!!

Since then, I’ve used it a lot in my fishing. It is definitely an all-year round bait, but certainly one of the finest I’ve used in the colder months. Give it a healthy dosing of Roasted Nut Compound and you’re really onto a winner.

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