Firework Night 40!

Author: CC Moore
Categories: Catch Reports

I was fishing a 48 hour session on a southern stillwater when I caught this colossal 44lb 12oz mirror. I was using a 15m Pacific Tuna hookbait, which was soaked in Feedstim XP. I had introduced over 3kg of mixed Odyssey XXX/Tuna boilies,2kg hemp seed and a few pellets fishing at 150 yards range.
The conditions were spot on. It was very mild overnight with a big old moon and 30 minutes or so after the spectacular firework display, a slow take on the left hand rod occurred. After a long battle, due to the fish weeding me up solid for 20 mins at 15 yrds out, I had to apply steady pressure. In fact, patience was absolutely key. Slowly but surely she came out and I netted my prize. A truly memorable night that was topped by a beautiful firework display over the lake.

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