Tuna Oil- The Ultimate Oil for Summer!

Author: CC Moore
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With summer fast approaching, now is the time that oils really do come into their own, offering a diversified level of attraction and due to their naturally dense properties, they can be utilised in many different ways to gain maximum effect. Oils are particularly effective for a number of reasons, but one thing that has always affected their ability to work well is the water temperature. When the temperatures reach a sustained level, during the spring and summer, oils begin to disperse efficiently into the water column, drawing fish down, or in certain circumstances, up to the surface layers. Not only are oils fantastic when used on their own, but they can be mixed with other types of loosefeed to create a mixed reaction in the water column; delivering small particle items up through the water layers.

There is simply no limit to how oils can be used, but with the latest introduction of Tuna Oil, there is now a perfectly complimentary oil that can be used alongside Pacific Tuna. For many years, anglers have used Salmon Oil in conjunction with their corkball pop- ups, but with the addition of this incredible, tuna derived and potent fishy oil, Tuna corkball pop- ups have never been so boosted! Due to the Tuna Oil being naturally rich and concentrated, it makes for a perfect hookbait soak; differentiating your Tuna hookbait from your free offerings.

Tuna Oil is incredible when applied to floating trout pellets to create intense, oily floaters that fish simply cannot resist. The pure natural fish oil emits strong signals, creating an almighty slick on the surface that simply stirs fish up into a feeding frenzy. The floaters are best coated with Tuna Oil a few days in advance and left to fully soak up all the oily goodness! When introduced, the baits simply leach out all of the rich, fish oil, forming a flat area among the floaters that aids presentation when surface fishing.

Not only is the wonderful Tuna Oil excellent on floating baits, but it is equally as devastating on bottom baits, from boilies, to stick mixes and particle baits. Once introduced, the concentrated oil delivers a column bursting with appeal, carrying scents and small particles fragments up through the layers, tempting fish to drop down and feed on the baited area. In certain conditions and venues that are much larger, oils are effective at carrying food signals long distances across the lake; luring passing carp into the baited area.

Tuna oil is formed from premium grade tuna, providing a smooth, high energy source that carp naturally seek during the warmer months and around the time of spawning. This liquid has a number of applications and will no doubt enhance the overall appeal of loosefeed items it is applied to.

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