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Author: CC Moore
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Orange Northern Special Corkball How- To

For a number of years, The Northern Special has been the angler’s go- to hookbait, the get out of jail bite producer that simply goes on catching time and time again. The fantastic combination of fruity, zesty flavours, combined with feed stimulating powders and oils create a complex blend that the fish simply cannot resist.

Up until now, anglers have relied on the tried and trusted air ball pop- up version of this mighty flavour combination, using them on multiple types of rig arrangements to great success. Despite the proven colour combinations that the Northern Specials are readily available in, many anglers often ask about tweaking hookbait colours to be different to the norm.

This simple, yet highly effective step- by- step shows you exactly how to create ‘Northern Special’ hookbaits, but with a slight colour twist. Unlike the ready available baits, these individually crafted hookbaits also incorporate corkballs. What this creates is a more consistent, ultra- buoyant hookbait that maintains consistent buoyancy levels for the duration it is out in the lake. Utilising the new cork ball roller from CCMoore, hookbaits like this can be produced quickly and effectively to your own preference, allowing you to create fantastic proven hookbaits suited to your specific angling style.

You will need the following to create some wonderful, potent smelling Orange Northern Specials:

-A small mixing bowl

-A pipette

-Teaspoon and fork

-Medium Egg

-12mm Corkballs

-CCMoore Corkball Roller

-CCMoore Fluoro Orange Hard Hookbait Mix

-Northern Special Hookbait Booster

-Pan of water and stove


Start by cracking a medium egg into a mixing bowl, whisk gently before starting the main process.

Step 1: Add 5-10ml of Northern Special Hookbait Booster to the whisked egg

Step 2: Whisk the egg and liquid together thoroughly

Step 3: Begin by adding a small amount of the Orange Hookbait Mix, don’t add too much initially, it is best to work a little in at a time

Step 4: Start mixing the dry ingredients into the liquid

Step 5: Keep adding a small amount of mix at a time while working it

Step 6: After working the mix, you should be left with a pliable, soft paste ready for rolling

Step 6: Leave the paste sealed in a plastic bag for 30 minutes before using, this allows the paste to firm up a little and fully absorb the flavours

Step 8: Pinch off a small amount of paste to work with while keeping the majority sealed

Step 9: Fill the two spheres of the roller to just below the lip

Step 10: Take a 12mm corkball and position in the sphere with the collar around. To create varying buoyancies, simply alter the size of the corkball.

Step 11: Ensure the corkball is positioned centrally in the paste, this ensures an even layer of paste around the corkball

Step 12: Slide the collar up on one sphere, before inserting the other sphere so both cups meet

Step 13: Rotate the spheres back and forth, while applying a small amount of pressure together

Step 14: Remove one of the spheres and slide the collar down, removing the cut excess paste to reveal the Orange Northern Corkball

Step 15: Carefully remove the corkball from the cup, giving the bait a quick roll between your palms to remove the slight ridge

Step 16: The finished hookbait will be perfectly round

Step 17: Bring the pan of water to the boil

Step 18: Add the rolled corkballs into the pan for roughly 15 seconds

Step 19: Stir the baits continuously, allowing the skin to harden before removing

Step 20: Place corkballs on a soft towel to dry for 2-3 days, moving around occasionally to remove moisture

After the process of making the Orange Northerns is complete, simply dry them for a few days until they are firm. The baits can then be rehydrated with a small amount of the Northern Special Hookbait Booster, for an added boost of attraction. The world is simply your oyster when it comes to rolling your own, so a little tweak here and there will go a long way in creating those ‘personal’ specials.

Top Tips!

Try making Northern Specials as half tones, using for example a white Northern paste in one cup and a pink Northern paste in the other.

To make extra potent hookbaits for use in the cold months, simply add more Northern additive at the mixing stage.

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