What Are The New Boosting Powders?

Author: CC Moore
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Booster Powder Insight

Within my angling I am always looking for that next edge, whether that be technology related, end tackle or in this case, bait. Being that one step ahead will always put you at an advantage over other anglers and being different will most certainly bring more bites, especially on pressured venues!

Over the past 12 months we have been working on a special product here at CC Moore which has taken a long time to perfect and get it exactly how we envisaged in terms of texture, smell and consistency.

After receiving a lot of samples and test batches, back and forth from lab testing and sourcing of some key ingredients, we can finally say we are 100% pleased with the finalised product, which are now known as the Booster Powders. 

They match the dedicated boilie ranges; Live System, Pacific Tuna and Odyssey XXX. Each pot of booster powder compliments the dedicated boilie to take them to the next level of attraction.

How did we match the profile of the baits to the boilie booster powders?

We achieved this by utilising an industry first technology, allowing us to take the key liquid ingredients, which goes into each bait and transform them into a powdered form. This is then blended with a variety of other quality powders to create the finalised product; creating a tailored, complimentary, unique powder to suit each bait!

What are the benefits of using this process?

The main benefit is the fact it makes the powders extremely water soluble, so as soon as they enter the lake, instantly they are working for you, emitting food signals and attraction into your swim, which the carp find incredibly hard to resist. Due to the signals being released, if there is fish in the area you have chosen, they often come and investigate as soon as the bait enters the water, in turn creating a positive feeding response.

How do you know this is the case? 

One of the reasons we have been so excited about the release of the new Booster Powders is from the testing and observations we have seen while trailing these baits and watching how fish react to them underwater.

We introduced boilies coated in the matching powders onto some marginal spots, as soon as the baits entered the water, fish turned up and started circling the spot. After a couple of minutes, they dropped on it and began to feed. One of the key factors we noticed when introducing these boosted baits was the increased reaction time from the carp compared to introducing standard out of the bag baits. Another noticeable factor with the new powders was the attraction and cloud they kicked off once the fish started feeding on the baits; this created a ‘smoke’ like appearance around the spot, drawing other fish in to investigate.

How do you use the powders? 

There are a number of different ways to use the powders, from coating boilies, hook baits and pellets to using inside solid PVA bags. One aspect to consider is how you want the coating to be once introduced; the longer and more layers you give the baits, the longer the crusted layer will stay intact on the baits. If you are looking for an instant, cloudy type attraction from the powders, simply add just before baiting. If you want a more prolonged level of attraction coming off the baits, prep you bait 24/48 hours in advance to give them chance to create that lovely, crusted skin. 

It is also worth noting that you do not need much liquid when you are coating the baits; a small amount of the dedicated Bait Boosters is more than enough to give them a tacky, sticky layer of coating before dusting. 

For more info on these, check out the video here- https://youtu.be/Yy36S3risyc 

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