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Flavouring Particles

Particles have to be without doubt one of the best methods for getting the carp grubbing around and feeding with confidence. Despite the fact particles by their very nature are extremely attractive to carp, they can be further boosted to add a distinctive label to the bait items, increasing the attraction properties and allowing you as the angler to customise your mix. 

A key ingredient that can be added to most particles is salt, salt is not a flavour in itself, but it adds vital nutrients that the carp will actively seek. This is best added to the particles after the boiling process.

Flavours can be added in a number of different ways and the type of liquid you are adding will determine how suitable it is to the application. If adding liquids to large quantities of particles, you will be best with a ‘bulk food’ type liquid, such as Roasted Nut Compound or one of the Response+ Liquid Foods. 

It is recommended to add liquids just after the particles have been prepared, when the water is still warm, and you allow them to soak for another 12/24 hours before use. This way, you will ensure all those highly attractive signals and liquids will be absorbed into the baits as they have swollen. Liquid foods cannot be over- done, as they are completely natural, but a recommended dose of 30-50ml per KG will be sufficient. 

The other option of liquids to add to particles are flavours/ enhancers; but these are best way added in small volumes to hookbaits, such as tiger nuts, maples etc. For this, you will only need minimal levels, just enough to coat the baits and make them stand out from the free offerings. Hookbait boosters are perfect for this- take for example, if you wanted to boost your pot of Tiger Nuts, a liquid enhancer such as the Northern Special hookbait booster would be perfect and add that unique twist to those particle hookbaits.  

There are other situations where adding liquids to particles at a later stage is more beneficial. For example, if you were fishing a heavily stocked water with a large head of carp, the mix you are using is a blend of small particles and some powders, by adding a bulk liquid to the mix before casting out will create a lovely, cloudy spod soup that will draw fish in quickly once introduced.  

You may also want to add liquids to your particles so they complement the flavours of your chosen boilie which you may be feeding too. The Liquid Marine Amino 365 is a thick liquid in its makeup, but creates a halo of goodness on the lakebed, leaching into the gravel and silt as it is released from the bait. This type of liquid will go hand in hand with Pacific Tuna and would work great if you were doing a mix blend of particles with some boilies too. Again, this would be best when added after the particles have been prepared.

The great thing about particles is that the world is your oyster and you can add and try out different flavours to make your very own personalised particles. There are many liquid foods available from CCMoore so it is worth experimenting with a few different ones to see how you get on and to achieve that ‘label’ you desire, whether that be sweet, nutty, fishy etc, so experiment and best of luck!

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