Top Summer Tips for Carp Fishing

Author: CC Moore
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Top 10 Tips For Summer Carp Fishing

Always Keep A Floater In The Motor

One of the most enjoyable and effective ways of catching carp during the summer months is by floater fishing. It isn’t always guaranteed, but by being prepared and carrying those floaters with you on every trip, we can neigh on guarantee at some point an opportunity may arise. Floater fishing is one of the most enjoyable forms of fishing, purely because it is so visual and exciting! It does require having different tackle to your conventional set-up, including dedicated floater line, controller floats, floating pellets/ mixers and a softer rod if available! Our awesome Floater Packs are brilliant for storing in your car/ van and include all the necessary bits needed for a successful floater trip! 

Get there early!

When the days are warm and the fish spend a lot of time near the surface come midday, arriving and being at the lake at first light is your best chance of seeing fish and also getting a bite! There is no point setting up on fish once they have found their daytime slumber, as they will most likely migrate come the evening/ night. Looking for signs of shows and fizzers at first light will help give the game away as to where they will be feeding.

Stay Protected 

Staying protected from the sun is probably one of the most important aspects of summer fishing; it will affect how you feel and how much you enjoy your trip. Always wear sun cream and stay well hydrated throughout the day. A bucket hat or baseball cap will also help to protect you from the sun and where possible, try and find some shade/ shelter during the warmest periods when the sun is at its most intense!

The Weed

Carp love to seek sanctuary in the weed particularly during the day. As a result, it can pay to fish in it, or on clear spots close by. Use a little light lead to locate these, in conjunction with a braided main line. Skip the lead over the weed and feel it down to try and pinpoint any little clearings. Such spots can be rewarding!

Get On The Nuts & Particles

Once the post spawning feed has occurred, the fish can often drift away from wanting boilies and this is where particles come into their own. A good mix of hemp, corn and tiger nuts (where allowed) can often be a more appealing prospect to the carp. Get yourself a burco boilier and start prepping because the carp love them. Particles can also be great for priming spots and keeping them clean. If you feed them regularly enough you will begin to harvest an area. 

Low Pressure Fronts 

Any change in weather in summer, get yourself fishing; particularly in low pressure fronts. As soon as wind and rain is forecast, along with reasonable temperatures, get yourself fishing. You will often find a complete change in habits – from cruising just under the surface, to heavy feeding carp! It is best to keep an eye on the forecast in advance.

Margin Fishing

This applies more to deeper waters, but on hot days, you will often see the fish visiting the edges day and night. With a little stealth and the right baiting approach, you will often trip up carp within feet of the bank. Keep a few different sizes of Betaine pellets, or hemp and particles in a small bucket and have a wander round the lake, dropping a handful of bait onto any likely looking spots in the edge.

The best spots are the ones nobody else fishes! Once you have baited 4 or 5 spots keep checking them and if fish have been in to visit, then is the time to have a go. Always ensure that any margin spots are safe and snag free before fishing.

Travel Light

There is nothing worse than lugging the kitchen sink around in summer; it’s hot, sweaty and very frustrating. Keep the gear to a minimum and you will put far more effort into moving if you need to. The carp can be active so you should be prepared to follow them!

Carp Safety

This isn’t a tip as such but more of some advice. The oxygen in the water will be low during summer and so try to retain them for as little time as possible, if at all. If you need to do it for a little time, then do so in the deepest water possible and wade out carefully and safely if you need to. 

Cool Bags!

Yep, another one that sounds obvious, but again, I have been caught out through laziness on long sessions – food turning, milk turning into cheese lol. Nothing beats a freezer/cool bag, complete with freezer blocks to keep everything fresh. You will thank me when you try it!



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