How heating your liquids can super boost their attraction!

Author: CC Moore
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Heat it up for ultimate solubility!

Like most raw substances, when they are heated they take on new properties; this could be in terms of shape, density, viscosity and most important from an angling perspective, solubility. The power of heat has the ability to turbocharge bait; you only have to look at the devastating pulling power of warm particles to know that. Most anglers are happy to open a bag of boilies, spread them around the swim and wait for the bites to come. But it is those anglers who think about the attractiveness of their baits, especially on limited time, who consider the heating process to vastly increase the solubility and stimulatory properties of their bait that often have an edge over other anglers.

The ‘boilie heat treatment’ has now become an established tactic in many anglers armoury, allowing the baits to become porous before taking on liquids in greater quantities, thus boosting the attraction tenfold! This process involves heating the loosefeed baits themselves, then pouring your chosen liquid straight from the bottle.

Reversing this process by gently heating the liquids you add to the baits has a similar effect, but with the liquids being the more soluble component in the boosting process, with a little warming of the liquid you will be able to see the unique result first hand. The heated liquids are much more soluble in nature, meaning that they disperse much faster and further through the water column, drawing fish into the baited area from greater distance. A gentle warming of the liquid prior to dosing the free offerings has the ability to spread those triggering food signals throughout the swim, which is key on quick overnight sessions or evenings after work, where getting quick bites is key!

This mini- feature takes a look at a few warms to apply warm liquids into your angling, what products are best suited to the heating trick and how it will make your free offerings go that one step further!

Warm Nutty Gloop

For those avid nut fans out there, this heating tricks has the ability to turn to turn your fermenting spod mixes into a gloopy, halo cloud of sweet goodness! The trick involves the hugely popular, incredibly tasting roasted nut extract, which in its raw natural state is very dense due to its sugary, sticky properties. To turn this porridge like bottle of goodness into a milky, carp-catching syrup is simple with an old pan and a dash of water. By adding a few heaped spoons of the nutty stodge to a pan, adding a dash of water and allowing it to heat gently, you will be left with a highly attractive soup of nutty goodness. The finished product is a warm, cloudy mixture of all the natural sugars and appetite stimulants that drive carp into a feeding frenzy. As the warm, liquid goodness has become less dense in its makeup, it has become much easier to work with and can be applied directly to particles or the like to create a wonderful burst of attraction when the baits are introduced. The sweet liquid gold creates a bath of attraction, which due to its warm temperature penetrates the baits much quicker than liquid straight from the bottle.

Add a few spoons of Roasted Nut Compound into a pan

Add a dash of water

Give them a good mix

Turn up the heat

Gently warm the sweet mix

Pour over your desired free offerings

Leave the baits to soak in the warm, nutty goodness

Creating a super boosted, creamy concoction!

Oily Boilies

A sweet trick for the making those boilies more attractive is to dose them in warm oil, this creates a superb halo and means that the oils can penetrate the baits quicker, releasing incredible plumes of goodness into the swim when introduced. Lightly warm the oil, then simply pour the heated liquid directly onto your baits before sealing them tight and leaving them overnight to absorb the liquid. Using the warm oils means that the liquid can penetrate further into the boilies, discharging plumes for greater periods once submerged in the water. On short sessions, simply add the warm oil to the baits, leave for five minutes before introducing to the swim for instant attraction! The warm oil spreads further in the water, delivering those enticing streams of oily slick across the swim!

Add your chosen oil to a pan

Once heated, pour directly over your boilies

Cover all of the baits and allow to soak overnight

The baits will be full of oily goodness

The sticky trick

Carp simply love that sticky, oozing liquid that leaches into the silt and gravel on the lakebed, triggering them to home in and feed on spots for prolonged periods. By simply heating a naturally thick liquid, such as the Tuna L030, it creates a much stickier liquid, which has the ability to bind free offerings and ooze in the water when introduced. The smoother nature of the L030 means, that after heating, it will penetrate baits much more effectively, while retaining the incredible pulling powers of the hydrolysed liquid.

Pour the heated Tuna L030 onto your chosen dry loosefeed

The resulting mix will be super sticky, bursting with soluble fishy attraction

A little thought and consideration into the types of liquids you are using, combined with a little heat can make them behave completely different, allowing you to tailor them to specific situations. The heated liquids can be applied to all types of bait in order to increase their effectiveness, which is purely limited by your imagination!

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