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    Tuna L030

    REF: 92610

    Tuna L030 is one of the most successful liquid bait additives on the market. It is a nutrient-dense, soluble fish protein extract paste derived wholly from pure Tuna meat. It is very thick and has a deep, salty taste and rich yeasty-fish aroma. It is a great year-round boilie ingredient and superb as a boilie and hookbait coating or liquid booster for spod, bag and loose feed mixes. It is 100% PVA friendly and supplies essential amino acids.


    Product Description

    For many years, with top anglers using its phenomenal fish-attracting powers as a boilie ingredient, liquid food and bait soak, LO30 has rightly earned a reputation as one of the most successful liquids ever used in the production of carp and coarse fish baits.

    Tuna L030 is an incredibly attractive, nutrient-dense fish protein extract that is derived wholly from pure Tuna meat. Rich in salts, soluble protein and essential amino acids it supplies the appetite-stimulating natural taste and aroma and the valuable omega fish oils associated with Tuna products that makes them so attractive.

    Tuna L030 Properties:

    • 100% natural product derived from pure Tuna meat
    • High quality soluble protein, rich in amino acids
    • Powerful, salty, yeasty-fish taste
    • Natural, deep, meaty-fish aroma
    • Excellent year-round fish attractor
    • Compliments any savoury bait item
    • Superb as a natural boilie and hookbait glug 
    • Suitable and effective for year-round use 
    • PVA friendly. Excellent in PVA bag and stick mixes. 
    • pH 5.5 - mildly acidic 

    Usage Tip: 

    Coat your Pacific Tuna or Odyssey XXX boilies or hookbaits in Tuna L030 for an intense boost of nutrients and water-soluble attraction. This process can be repeated for increased attraction and can be added to freezer baits prior to freezing.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.