Make Your Own Wafter Hookbaits For Carp Fishing

Author: CC Moore
Categories: Tactics

Make Awesome Wafters Easily

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to create awesome, tailored cork dust wafters at home quickly and easily! Perfect for using with popular rigs such as the slip-d and fluorocarbon d-rig!

1. Crack one large egg

2. Add 3ml Live System Hookbait Booster (for shelf life baits also add 15ml Liquid Bait Preservative) 

3. Whisk the flavour into the egg

4. Weigh out 95g of Live System Hard Hookbait Mix

5. Add 5g of Cork Dust

6. Add 5ml of the Hemp Oil to the egg mix

7. Start to mix in the Live Hard and Cork Dust mix

8. Before the mix is complete, test the buoyancy - Add more cork dust or hookbait mix as required

9. Finish mixing to a paste

10. Wrap the paste in a plastic bag and leave for 20 minutes

11. Using a paste gun - apply a paste sausage to the roller and roll desired size - Note-carefully cut the nozzle to increase the size of you baits

12. Bring some water to a low simmer and add the baits for 4 minutes

13. Carefully remove the baits and allow them to dry for 3 to 5 days

14. Once dried, coat your wafter hookbaits with 3ml of Live System Hookbait Booster

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