What Is Marine Amino 365?

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Marine Amino 365

This summer sees the release of a product we have been keeping under wraps for some time, the Marine Amino 365! So, what is this new liquid and how is it best used. Read below to delve into the story behind the Marine Amino 365 and why this liquid has been catching an incredible number of carp since its release!

So, what is the Marine Amino 365? Put simply, it is a blend of products to encapsulate varying properties of a number of very different but exceptional ingredients we have exclusive to CC Moore! 

It is made largely from one very special, concentrated hydrolysed fish protein, then mixed with an incredible, salty, rich appetite stimulant to loosen the liquid in order for it to easily soak into any baits it is added to… We then take a number of special enhancers and add these in suitable quantities relative to the overall ratio to create what is a very smooth, rich, soluble liquid for year-round use!

When should I use this liquid?

The Marine Amino 365 is suited to year- round use, hence the name 365. The blend we have chosen to create this liquid have been temperature tested in even the coldest of conditions to ensure maximum solubility and dispersion throughout the water column. 

This liquid really does come into its own during the spring and summer months, especially after the fish have spawned and craving essential minerals, aminos and nutrients to build up their strength. 

How can I use this liquid?

This liquid, due to its viscosity, lends itself perfectly to a number of applications; from PVA bag work, to spod and straight boilie mixes. One of the benefits of this liquid is the lovely smooth nature, which allows it to cling well to pellets and boilies, allowing them to absorb all of the goodness for steady release once in the water column. We recommend adding this liquid to bag, pellet and boilie mixes at least 12 hours in advance I order for it to become fully absorbed for maximum effectiveness. 

Another great method for using this liquid is the heat treatment, adding it straight after draining the boilies off in order to let the liquid fully penetrate the baits. 

If you are looking for an incredibly fishy, pungent yet very smooth rounded liquid for use this summer/ autumn; look no further than the Marine Amin 365!

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