5 Way To Get The Most From Your Pacific Tuna!

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5 Way to get the most from your Pacific Tuna this Spring!

Mash it up!

Boilie mush as we have know come to know it as has become more popular in recent times and you can see why! With so many big, pressured fish now encountering whole baits on a regular basis, boilie mush is a clever little trick to provide maximum levels of attraction in the swim, without the blatantly obvious round baits that fish are likely to encounter around a baited spot.

Not only does boilie much release vast amounts of attraction into the swim much quicker than whole baits do, but it also resembles baits that may have been on the spot for a number of days. This in itself is a huge edge of pressured venues, mimicking old bait that the fish will often eat with much more confidence days after it has first been introduced.

Boilie mush is simple to produce and with the addition of a small amount of warm water, a liquid of your choice (Hot Chorizo Compound is awesome with Pacific Tuna), leave the baits stewing overnight before taking to mushing them up with your hands. Leave some baits whole, some half mushed and the rest a complete pulp to ensure there is a variety of items on the lakebed in and around the baited area.

1- Begin by adding a few handfuls of Pacific Tuna to a bucket

2- Add a coating of warm warm to the baits, enough to cover them

3- Add a good dose of Hot Chorizo

4- Leave overnight before starting the mushing process

6- The boilie mush will be bursting with cloudy attraction!

Powder Attraction!

For a long time know, anglers have used powders to significantly boost the attraction and food signals emitted by their baits. The reason powders are simply so effective on bait is due to their level of solubility in water. Always add a powder to bait that has been lightly glazed in liquid beforehand to ensure that it is sticky to the touch.

Once the powder has been added, give the baits a good shake to ensure they are evenly coated throughout. The fine layer of powder around the bait will quickly disperse into the water once the baits have been introduced, allowing flavour and taste signals to spread through the column, drawing fish into the baited area.

There are a number of powders that work effectively with Pacific Tuna, but two all time favourites are Green Lipped Mussel Extract and Krill Meal. Both of these fine powders significantly boost the attraction levels of bait and are best applied to Tuna the night before a session.

1- Add liquid to ensure the bait is sticky to the touch

2- Ensure the baits are evenly glazed

3- Add your chosen powdered additive

4- The finished baits will be bursting with soluble attraction!

Mixing Sizes

Anglers who are targeting pressured carp or fishing venues that can be tricky at the best of times often benefit from mixing the size of their freebies up! What does this do? Well, it creates an altogether feeding scenario from that of a baited area containing just one size of boilie.

By mixing the sizes up, you are simply creating a feeding situation whereby the fish cannot regulate the size of baits items they are feeding on. As a result, this will make it much harder for them to single out a hookbait among a baited area.

This is mainly down to the variety of sizes and more importantly, densities of bait items present, which offers a tricky situation for the carp to deal with. In this situation, wafter hookbaits can provide a real advantage over pop- ups and standard bottom baits, as they are less likely to single these individual baits out and as a result, likely to be hooked more effectively.

By adding a few handfuls of chops, whole baits, dumbells into the mix you can easily create a diversity of bait items that will create a confusing baiting scenario when applied.

Bags of Crumb

Pacific Tuna is a strong smelling bait, with high levels of marine extracts that work effectively at triggering fish to feed. In the springtime, the fish are starting to wake up and as a result, may not be in full feeding mode. In this instance, small PVA bags of crumb are enough to provide a good level of attraction without a high level of bait present that could work against you when trying to tempt bites.

A handful of Tuna baits finely crumbed up will not only provide significant pulling power as the water disperses the food signals being given off by the bait, but it will create a highly visual parcel of food on the lakebed.

Small bags are perfect for casting to showing fish and due to their surface area, can be used effectively over all lakebed debris to mask the hook and allow the bait itself to be presented effectively.

Liquid Rehydration

For those that prefer to air- dry their freezer baits prior to a session, liquid rehydration is a must for pumping all that attraction back into the bait before introducing to the spot. Air drying is a good method if you are looking to put baits out via a throwing stick at range, because due to the nature of Tuna, the bait is softer than most others which is down to the solubility of ingredients used.

Rehydrating is simple and one of the most favoured liquid combinations for this is hemp/ particle juice and Tuna L030. This mixture of liquids create the optimum solution that can be effectively drawn into the baits, these are best left overnight before using and once on the lakebed, deliver huge levels of pulling power from the saturated baits.

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