Sausage Gun

    REF: 60430

    The Sausage Gun is an excellent paste extruder for the home hookbait and feed bait roller, allowing small batches of mix to be formed into consistent sausages every time.


    Product Description

    This ‘must have’ extruder is suited to those home bait rollers looking to produce small batches of hookbaits and feed bait boilies quickly and consistently every time. An array of nozzles allows the users to alter the size of the sausage depending on the required finish size.

    Sausage Gun properties:

    • Entry level Sausage Gun but with the ability to produce perfectly sized sausages for your Rolaball Longbase. 
    • Perfect for home bait making.
    • Quick and easy to use.
    • Comes complete with 8 different sized nozzles which can be trimmed if required.
    • Suitable for all but the hardest mixes.
    • Capacity 300ml.