Cork Sticks

    REF: 97926

    Pack of 50 cork sticks for making buoyant hookbaits or filling drilled-out baits to add buoyancy. These are 6mm x 12mm in size.


    Product Description

    This product is made from high quality, high density cork and is designed for use as a buoyancy aid when producing buoyant or semi-buoyant hookbaits.

    Cork Sticks Properties:

    • Pack of 50 high density, quality-controlled cork sticks
    • 6mm x 12mm size. Consistent buoyancy enables easy use
    • Designed for being used within hookbaits to add buoyancy
    • Extreme buoyancy; ideal for many hookbait types and sizes
    • Dumbell/stick shape makes dumbells pop ups/wafters simple
    • Can be used by moulding paste around then boiling/steaming
    • Also excellent for filling drilled-out baits to add buoyancy
    • Ideal for zig rig/floater fishing; can be soaked in liquid attractants

    Paste wrapping guide:

    1. Add 10% egg albumen (100g/kg) to your base mix
    2. Mix with your liquids and liquid egg 
    3. Place in a sealed plastic bag for 30 minutes
    4. Mould around the cork stick 
    5. Boil for 30-60 seconds depending on paste skin thickness
    6. Dry for 24 hours and then freeze or fully air dry

    Usage Tip:

    We recommend giving your finished hookbaits a light coating of your liquid package before they are frozen to suck the attractors into the bait, ready to release them again when immersed in water.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. 


    This product should not be added into baits which may be consumed. It must only be used within hookbaits (lures) which are attached to hook/line and will not be eaten.