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    REF: 92422

    Ultrasweet is an extremely powerful sweetener for adding hi-attract hookbait mixes. It is a very fine white powder which can be used at a low level of inclusion due to its strength. It is completely soluble so is also very effective for dissolving in water or liquids which are then used as a hookbait soak.


    Product Description

    All CC Moore ingredients are carefully researched and tested by our experienced bait technicians to ensure their freshness, nutrient values, consistency and fishing-related performance before being accepted into our world-renowned bait range.

    Ultrasweet Properties:

    • Pure white, very fine powdered sweetener
    • Very water soluble, ideal for year-round use
    • Intensely sweet; can be used at very low levels 
    • Creates a flourishing/growing sweetness; very cost-effective
    • Adds a smooth sweetness with no bitter aftertaste 
    • Recommended usage level of 2g/kg in hookbait mixes

    Usage Tip:

    We strongly recommend using minimal amounts of sweeteners and flavours in hookbaits as fish’s receptors are so sensitive. Remember; if you can easily smell and taste a bait then it is probably overpowering for fish!

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


    This product is to be used for making hookbaits/lures only and is not to be used in boilies, liquids or any other item which may be digested by fish.