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    Pacific Tuna Hookbait Booster

    REF: 95844

    This concentrated Pacific Tuna flavour blend is designed for boosting the attraction of any hookbaits in the Pacific Tuna Boilie Range. It is designed to be added onto the outside of the hookbaits then allowed to soak in to significantly boost their already extremely high level of attraction. 


    Product Description

    This highly concentrated liquid additive contains a carefully developed blend of attractants designed to intensify and boost the flavour and aroma of our superb Pacific Tuna White Pop Ups and other hookbaits from the Pacific Tuna Boilie Range.

    Pacific Tuna Hookbait Booster Properties:

    • Extremely concentrated, thin, colourless booster liquid  
    • Powerful taste/aroma that quickly soaks into any hookbait
    • Contains highly effective, proven appetite stimulants
    • A pH-balanced formula delivers intense feeding triggers  
    • Designed to be equally effective at any time of the year   
    • Use in hookbait formulations at up to 8ml/egg 

    Usage Tip:

    Simply give your Pacific Tuna Pop Ups/Hookbaits a light coating of the powerful matching Hookbait Booster, allow it to dry in and then repeat as required. Repeated liquid coating of pop ups may reduce their buoyancy.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. 


    This product is to be used for coating hookbaits or making fish lures only and is not to be used as bait or food for fish.