Liquid Bait Preservative

    REF: 92483

    This high quality, proven liquid bait preservative blend is exclusive to CC Moore and can be used at low levels to stabilise baits and give them a ‘shelf life’. It is a clear, odourless, tasteless, 100% fish friendly liquid which should be added into your liquid egg, replacing 20-30% of the normal egg requirement, when making shelf life boilies or hookbaits.


    Product Description

    This liquid bait preservative is a 100% fish friendly, human food grade product that has been developed over many years and is the benchmark in preservatives used in the production of high quality ‘shelf life’ baits. It is a tasteless, aroma-free additive that is easily diffused into the bloodstream, making it a valuable year-round energy source.

    How to make Shelf Life Baits:

    • Replace 20-30% of your mix’s egg requirement with preservative. 
    • E.g. If your mix is 6 eggs, use 4 and then 100ml preservative (medium egg = 50/60ml).
    • Whisk your eggs and preservative together thoroughly.
    • Add any flavours and liquid foods as required.
    • Add your base mix to create the desired paste texture (pliable but not sticky).
    • Leave paste in a sealed plastic bag for >30mins.
    • Roll baits to size and shape required.
    • Boil in water for required time then leave to dry.
    • Dry for further 24-72hrs depending on required hardness.

    Usage Tip:

    Much lower levels of Liquid Bait Preservative may be used to produce shelf life boilies (even as low as 50ml/kg) but it is then essential that the finished baits are dried well and are then stored in containers where they allowed to breathe and will not be exposed to changes in moisture and temperature.

    The longer baits are dried, the more effectively they will remain mould-free. The length of time for which baits will remain preserved may also be affected by the dry and liquid ingredients used in the bait.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.