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    Corn Steep Liquor

    REF: 92430

    Corn Steep Liquor is a natural, maize-derived liquid with a distinctive yeasty and slightly alcoholic aroma. Used in many successful carp baits for a number of years, it is a very cost effective, highly attractive liquid food which is very active and so increases the fermentation potential and feed-inducing nutrient release of non-preserved baits. 


    Product Description

    This outstanding natural liquid food is a by-product of the maize wet milling process. The potent fermentation properties of this bitter, yeasty liquid make it not only quite unstable and sensitive to heat but also an excellent catalyst to start the ‘breakdown’ of your bait and the potential release of numerous irresistible fish attractants that can otherwise remain ‘locked away’ within your bait. 

    Corn Steep Liquor Properties:

    • Rich in valuable fish-attracting nutrients including free amino acids
    • Supplies nutrients in a highly water-soluble form 
    • Rich, yeasty taste and aroma that suits almost any bait profile 
    • Light in colour so unlikely to taint light/bright baits
    • Highly attractive to Carp, Roach, Barbel & other species
    • Excellent in boilie mixes and as a year-round boilie soak
    • PVA friendly – superb in bag and stick mixes
    • Superb fermentation catalyst - increases nutrient/attractor release
    • pH 4.5 - acidic

    Usage Tip: 

    Corn Steep Liquor is superb for increasing the nutrient release and breakdown of freezer baits. Coat your freezer baits in Corn Steep Liquor, sprinkle them with sugar and gently warm them in a sealed bag or bucket for 1-2 days before using them. This is particularly effective with active, lower salt content freezer baits like Odyssey XXX.

    Customer Guidance: 


    This product is very active and may explode if not kept chilled. It should be stored in a refrigerator prior to use and then cool and out of direct sunlight when being used.