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    Frozen Whole Krill

    REF: 66651

    This is pure, fresh whole Antarctic Krill. It is extremely effective when used as a PVA bag, spod or particle mix ingredient as it adds a 100% natural, nutrient-rich food item into your mix. This triggers an involuntary positive feeding response that cannot be created by synthetic and ‘processed’ bait items such as boilies, pellets and hookbaits. This product is supplied in 1kg bags, fresh and ready to freeze.


    Product Description

    Being the whole, original form, this aquatic food source contains all the valued nutrients and attractors that are supplied in any natural Krill product.

    Frozen Whole Krill Properties:

    • 1kg blocks of Antarctic Krill species ‘Krill Superba’, 
    • Supplies digestible protein, rich in amino acids, 
    • Rich in fatty acids, chitin, vitamins & minerals
    • A real natural super food & complete food source 
    • Promotes strong, prolonged, confident feeding
    • Soft, juicy, salty and very naturally visually attractive
    • Great in boilie, hookbait and paste mixes 
    • Also, very effective in particle, spod and bag mixes

    Usage Tip:

    Bag Mixes:

    Mix Whole Krill with our Krill Micromass and Krill Meal to remove moisture before presenting it in PVA bags. 

    Boilie/Paste Mixes: 

    Frozen Whole Krill should be added into the boilie making process at the mixing stage but is most effective when not heated.

    Loose Feeds:

    It is also extremely effective within spod mixes and particle mixes, added after the boiling water has cooled.

    Divide the 1kg block into small pieces (or thaw and then put them into an ice cube tray) and re-freeze to make cubes of Krill that can be used for pre-baiting. 

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored frozen prior to use.