Fluoro Pink Hard Hookbait Mix

    REF: 95372

    Specially formulated hard hookbait mix for making fluoro pink hard hookbaits. Ideal for making fluoro pink cork ball pop ups and wafters, with your own flavour combinations, using our superb Cork Ball Pop Up Roller.


    Product Description

    This easy to use, purpose-made mix enables you to make perfect fluoro pink cork ball pop ups or wafters and extra tough single hookbaits that can withstand nuisance fish and ‘bird strikes.’


    • Making Pack = 200g Fluoro Pink Hard Hookbait Mix + 50ml Liquid Bait Preservative
    • 1kg Bulk Bag = 1kg Fluoro Pink Hard Hookbait Mix

    Usage Guidelines:

    1. Beat up a medium egg 
    2. Add chosen liquids /flavours and mix
    3. Add your hard hookbait mix, adding a bit at a time until you make a soft, pliable, slightly sticky paste
    4. Leave paste in a sealed bag for 30 minutes to absorb liquids before rolling
    5. Roll baits as required and allow to ‘skin’
    6. Boil or steam baits
    7. We strongly recommend using a Cork Ball Pop Up Roller, for ease, speed and unrivalled hookbait quality.

    Boiling Guidelines:

    • Hard Hookbaits: 12mm = 60 secs, 15mm = 90 secs, 18mm = 120 secs
    • Cork Ball Pop Ups: 12mm = 10 secs, 15mm = 15 secs, 18mm = 20 secs
    • Cork Ball Wafters: 12mm = 15 secs, 15mm = 20 secs, 18mm = 25 secs

    Leave baits to dry for 12-24 hours, spread out in a dry environment.

    Buoyant & Semi Buoyant Hard Hookbaits:

    To make cork ball pop ups, mould paste around cork balls typically allowing a paste skin of >1-2mm around the circumference of the cork ball (e.g. 12mm cork ball = 15mm pop up). Overcooking cork ball pop ups makes them mis-shape. Cook at a low temperature for the minimum time.

    To make cork ball wafters, mould paste around cork balls typically allowing a paste skin of 2-4mm around the circumference of the cork ball (e.g. 8mm cork ball = 15mm pop up) 

    To make cork dust wafters, add 3-5% cork dust to your powder mix before adding it to the liquid mix. You will need to trial the amount of cork dust to achieve the desired buoyancy. The more cork dust you add, the less efficiently your mix will bind.

    Usage Tip:

    When using this mix in our Cork Ball Pop Up Roller, we recommend adding up to 10ml (in total) of an oil or an oil-based flavour per egg before making your paste. 

    Using more than 10ml (in total) of an oil-based liquid per egg may affect the binding/hardening of the mix.

    Shelf life hookbaits can be made by replacing 20% liquid egg with the supplied Liquid Bait Preservative.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. 


    This product is for use to create hookbaits/lures only and must not be fed to fish.