Fluoro Pink Dye

    REF: 97551

    This super-concentrated dye is intended for adding vivid colours to hookbaits and lures. Use up to 40g/kg; higher levels give a more intense colouration. This dye can be combined with white dye to give your hookbaits a washed-out appearance and help trick wary, cautiously feeding fish.


    Product Description

    All our fluoro dyes are insoluble pigments which create a strong, vivid, lasting colour to increase the overall attraction profile of your hookbaits.

    Fluoro Pink Dye Properties:

    • Creates a bright, fluoro pink colour
    • Permanent colour that doesn’t wash out
    • To increase strength of colour, increase inclusion level
    • To create a brighter or washed out colour, combine with white dye 
    • Best used in mixes containing light coloured ingredients
    • Use at 20-40g/kg in pop up, wafter or other hookbait mixes

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.


    This product is to be used for making hookbaits/lures only and is not to be used in boilies, liquids or any other item which may be digested by fish.