PVA Nuggets

    REF: 92661

    These are 100 quick-melt PVA nuggets which quickly and easily melt in water to leave little or no residue. They are supplied in CCM press-seal bags so they stay dry and fresh for a long period. They are large, soft and odourless and can be applied with varying amounts of pressure to increase or decrease the speed in which they break down.


    Product Description

    This product is intended for use to protect your hook on the cast to ensure perfect presentation and 100% protection of the all-important hook point.

    PVA Nuggets Properties:

    • 100 soft, quick-melting, water soluble PVA nuggets
    • Very buoyant, allows rig to settle naturally after melting
    • Melts consistently, even in very cold water
    • Dampen each nugget with saliva to stick/set
    • Gently squeeze 1 or 2 nuggets around your hook each time you cast

    Usage Tip:

    In very cold water, gently press together two nuggets (One each side of your hook trapping it between them)