Carp Freaks Yellow Pop Ups

    REF: 90458

    These extremely buoyant, neon yellow pop ups are the brainchild of top CCM Team angler Mark Pitchers and contain the secret, fruity flavour blend that has helped Mark catch countless big fish in recent years. Each pot is supplied with a sachet of the potent CF1 Hookbait Booster.


    Product Description

    Carp Freaks CF1 Yellow Pop Ups

    Carp Freaks are CC Moore’s new range of highly attractive pop ups which deliver outstanding fish catching potential to the angler through their superb visual, taste and aroma profiles, and are the brainchild of top UK carp angler Mark Pitchers.

    Developed and perfected by Mark over many years, Carp Freaks are based on a recipe Mark created back in the 90s and has refined over the years to give an ‘old skool’ blend a real modern twist. The result is a unique, fruity-cream profile you just know is going to catch.

    Like all CC Moore hi-attract hookbaits, Carp Freaks are steamed rather than boiled, ensuring every last drop of the potent liquid attractant which makes them so irresistible is just waiting to flood out the moment they are introduced into water for the first time….. when you cast them into your swim.

    Carp Freaks CF1 Yellow Pop Ups Properties:

    • Highly attractive pop up created by Mark Pitchers 
    • Durable skin ensures consistent buoyancy for 24hrs+ 
    • Neon yellow colour for outstanding visual attraction
    • Contains a high level of Mark’s unique, fruity ‘CF1’ flavour blend
    • CCM Pop Up Mix maximises flavour and attractor leakage
    • Ideal texture for coating with the matching ‘Hookbait Booster’

    Available in:

    12mm (55); ideal for single hookbait or snowman use

    13-14mm (45) ‘+’ version; ideal for chod + hinged stiff rigs 

    Moore means more…

    Every pot is supplied with a sachet of our superb CF1 Hookbait Booster for super-boosting your pop ups.

    Usage Tip:

    Simply give your pop ups a light coating of the powerful CF1 Hookbait Booster, allow it to dry in and then repeat as required. Repeated liquid coating of pop ups may reduce their buoyancy.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.


    This product is for use as a lure only and must not be fed to fish.