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We have had standard Boilies dumbbells in the CC Moore range now for a number of years, but due to the popularity of wafter hookbaits and so many customers asking for a dumbbell shaped wafter, we have decided to release a perfectly balanced, Boilies dumbbell hookbait into the range. These 10x15mm sized wafters are perfect for all manner of rigs and lend themselves perfectly for fishing over a number of different baiting strategies. In this short review, we will give you the low down on why these are a must have in every carp anglers armoury...

What are they?

If you are unfamiliar with the word 'wafter', this is a special, tailored hookbait that negates the weight of the hook to create a presentation whereby the hookbait sits up off the bottom, 'wafting' above the hook itself. These are made with a semi- buoyant mix, that on its own will create a floating hookbait, but when a rig is attached, will slowly sink under the weight, settling very lightly on the lakebed.

Why use a wafter?

Wafters are particularly popular when fishing over lighter 'free- offerings', such as corn, particles, boilie crumb and chops. in this type of situation, the carp use minimal effort to suck up any freebies on the lakebed and therefore, you want your hookbait to act in the same way, which is why many anglers use a wafter over a straight 'bottom-bait'. You may also choose to use a wafter to kick your rig out straight from the lead when you have cast in. 

When to use them?

This type of hookbait is suited to a number of rig presentations, but particularly when the hookbait is lifted with the eye end of the hook point entering the mouths fish first, in turn, making the hook point heavier. The types of rig that achieve this are usually the D-Rig, Slid-D and German, where the hookbait is mounted sliding on the back of the shank. This type of rig, due to the nature of the hook link used is more suited when fishing over a clean lakebed, such as silt, gravel, sand or clay. If fishing over a dirtier lakebed, these hookbaits are more suited to use inside a solid PVA bag.

How to mount a wafter?

Mounting a wafter is no different to mountains a normal hookbait, although many favour using them with a bait swivel on the hook shank. In this case, a piece of floss is perfect, of which during the winter months, you can add maggots to the tag ends to create an ultra- attractive hookbait! Alternatively, a bait screw is a quick and effective way of mounting your desired hookbait. 

Can I glug the wafters?

We don't recommend adding any additional liquid to the wafter hookbaits, as these have been specifically made to be effective straight from the pot. If you do add any additional liquid, go very lightly and use a thin liquid, such as a hookbait booster to achieve more attraction. 

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