Top 5 Carp Baits for Spring Fishing!

Author: CC Moore

Our top 5 spring carp fishing picks!

The all-time classic- Northern Specials

Since their launch in 2008, Northern Specials have earned a reputation as one of the all-time great carp fishing hookbait options. Containing our secret combination of fruit flavours, 'NS1s' have a sweet, citrus fruit profile that stimulates a strong feeding response from carp in even the most challenging conditions. 

Northern Specials are steamed not boiled so have had their powerful attractors 'locked in', ready to start flooding out the moment YOU cast in and are a must-have hookbait option for the serious carp angler looking for maximum year-round attraction.

Boilie Session Packs

As we move into the spring period, the fish are waking from their winter slumber and slowly building their energy levels once again. At this time of year, too much bait can work against you, so small 'parcels' of attraction are best! Our session packs provide the optimum amount of bait for a day or 24 hour session.

This great value pack contains all the products required to present fish with an irresistible Pacific Tuna bait package which can be used in many different angling situations.

Contains: 2kg Pacific Tuna Pellets 6mm, 100ml Pacific Tuna Bait Booster, 10 x Pacific Tuna Air Ball Pop Ups (15mm or 18mm) & 1kg Pacific Tuna Shelf Life (15mm or 18mm).

Mini Ultramix Bag Mix- Excellent for Solid PVA Bags

Containing a mix of very high quality fingerling and fish ‘rearer’ pellets from the aquaculture industry, Mini Ultramix is rich in fish proteins/amino acids, vitamins, minerals and omega fish oils that together make it a very concentrated fish attractor that need only be used in small quantities to get a bite.  

The Mini Ultramix is perfect for small mesh PVA bags or Solid PVA bag tactics!

Green Lipped Mussel Extract

This is 100% pure, 100% natural defatted, Green Shelled Mussel Powder. Imported exclusively by CC Moore & Co Ltd from New Zealand, this powder is more soluble than full fat version and is a phenomenal natural fish attractor & bait coating powder.

GLM is excellent for adding to stick/ bag mixes or for coating Boilies!

Liquid Bloodworm

This exclusive, deep red liquid compound is an outstanding bloodworm-rich liquid bait additive. Developed and perfected over many years by our bait technicians at CCM HQ, it contains highly soluble fish proteins and is packed with pure bloodworm, the natural ‘food’ item fish find truly irresistible. This superb, clouding bloodworm liquid will boost the attraction of boilies, hookbaits and loose feeds and is also PVA friendly.

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