Make Your Own Boilies For Carp Fishing

Author: CC Moore
Categories: Tactics

Boilies are a staple bait in the carp anglers armoury, accounting for literally thousands of carp every year! Making Boilies is relatively simple and also enjoyable! By making them at home, you can tailor them to your specific requirements in terms of flavour, size and colour. Here we show you a simple recipe to make our Live System Boilies with a twist of Peach! 

01 - Crack 4 Eggs

02 - For shelf life baits add 100ml of preservative

03 - For freezer baits add another 2 eggs

04 - Add between 3 to 8ml of peach flavour (dependent of desired strength)

05 - Add 5ml of hemp oil (this helps to roll the baits)

06 - Mix well

07 - Slowly add base mix (approx 425g for this mix)

08 - Mix and knead until you have a pliable but not sticky paste

09 - Wrap in a plastic bag for 30 minutes to stabalize the mix

10 - Use a sausage gun to speed things up

11 - Squeeze out strips of paste and roll on a table to desired size

12 - Its useful to have a catch tray

13 - Once you are used to rolling you can double up your sausage on the roller

14 - Reduce the nozzle size for dumbells

15 - Boil the baits for 2 to 4 minutes dependent on size and desired softness

16 - Air dry the baits for 24 hours then freeze if no preservative added

17 - For match the hatch hookbaits add 3ml of peach flavour

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