Tie Mark Pitchers Hinged Stiff Rig

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Tie Mark Pitchers' Hinged Stiff Rig

The hinged stiff rig is a renowned fish catcher and is also recognised as a big fish rig, it is suited to fishing over bottoms such as silk weed or where there maybe other debris such a silt. Sometimes fishing a blatant hinge over a gravel spot may reduce your catch rate, but can often slip up those bigger fish. 

What you will need-

Stiff rig chod hooks - These have an out turned eye to accommodate the chod section.

Extra stiff chod filament - This is a super stiff mono which holds its shape.

Soft coated hook link – This will kick the rig away from the lead but also help follow the contours of the lakebed. 

Size 11 ring swivels – These will be what your chod section and boom section will be tied to. 

Rig Putty – This is to counterbalance the weight of your pop up.

Bait floss – Used for attaching your pop up to your chod section.

Hook ring swivels – This will sit on the back of your hook on the d section to mount your bait onto. 

Tying the rig

Step 1: Cut off around 6 inches of chod section ensuring you have enough to play with. 

Step 2: Double the chod section over and pass the tag ends through your hook ring swivel.

Step 3: Take your chod hook and pass the tag ends of your chod section passing them through the back of the eye. 

Step 4:  Pull the ends down until you’re left with a small loop, pass the loop over the hook point and pull down tight, you will see the chod section becomes trapped about the eye. 

Step 5: Taking your size 11 ring swivel, pass your tag ends of chod section through the smallest eye on the swivel and form a 1 turn grinner knot. 

Step 6: Tighten this down carefully, adding moisture will help bed it down easier. 

Step 7: Trim off your tag ends, leave around 5mm and them blob carefully with a lighter ensuring you don’t damage the material. 

Step 8: Add you desired amount of putty to the rig, then you can push the material up the shank of the hook in line with the barb, creating a nice size D which your hook bait can slide up and down. 

Step 9: For the boom section, take your desired length of soft coated hook link. 

Step 10: Tie a small figure of 8 loop knot to the swivel, repeat the process on the other end with a slightly bigger loop for quick change purposes.

Step 11: Take a Pacific Tuna Cork Ball pop up and thread onto some bait floss using a baiting needle. Trim off the tag ends and blob with a lighter.

There you have your finished hinge, the perfect rig for fishing over low lying debris and for fishing over spreads of boilies that aren’t concentrated in a tight area. It is a fantastic carp catcher and it’s sure to put you a few extra fish on the bank.

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